American Veterinarian Medical Association

AVMA survey measures income trends to 2007

Veterinarians' incomes continued to increase from 2005-2007, though few expect incomes to increase as much from 2007-2009.

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The story “AVMA opposes cosmetic ear cropping, tail docking of dogs,” featured in the Dec. 15, 2008, edition of JAVMA News, incorrectly stated that Maine has prohibited ear cropping for dogs. Prior to 1997, the Maine Animal Welfare Act included in the definition of mutilation “cutting off the ear of a dog in whole or in part.” In 1997, the specific reference to ear cropping was removed and the definition was changed to mean injuring or disfiguring by irreparably damaging body parts, with exclusions for conduct performed by a licensed veterinarian or conduct that conforms to accepted veterinary practices.