Nov. 24 deadline to file claims relevant to recalled pet food

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A U.S. district court has granted final approval of a $24 million settlement to pay economic damages to the owners of cats and dogs that ate pet food subject to last year's massive recalls.

The recalled pet food contained ingredients from China contaminated with melamine and melamine analogs, which apparently combined to impair renal function in cats and dogs.

Pet owners must file claims by Nov. 24 to receive compensation for economic damages from the settlement fund. The cash fund comes from U.S. and Canadian companies that supplied the ingredients in question or manufactured, distributed, or sold pet food containing the ingredients.

With documentation, consumers can receive up to a 100 percent cash payment of reasonable expenses that resulted from their purchase or their pet's consumption of the recalled pet food. Consumers also can receive up to $900 for reasonable and valid economic damages for which they do not have documentation.

Valid expenses include food purchases, veterinary care, necropsy costs, the price of cremation or burial, the purchase price or fair market value of a pet that died or of a new pet, and other economic costs.

Claim forms are available by calling (800) 392-7785 or by visiting The Web site provides more details about the settlement.