Nominations open for world leadership award

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The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine has announced a deadline of Dec. 1 for nominations for its World Leadership in Animal Health Award.

The unrestricted award of $100,000 is given annually to a veterinarian who has dramatically changed the practice and image of the profession and substantially influenced the lives and careers of others. Nominations are considered on the basis of merit alone. To be eligible, candidates must hold a degree in veterinary medicine from a school listed in the AVMA Membership Directory & Resource Manual.

The 2008 Penn Vet World Leadership Award recipient was Dr. Bernard Vallat, director general of the World Organization for Animal Health. Because of Dr. Vallat's leadership, the organization now stresses the importance of sharing scientific information across international boundaries and promotes veterinary services as well as a continued commitment to food safety and animal welfare. By clearly linking human and animal health, Dr. Vallat emphasized the positive impact of animal health policies on poverty reduction and public health.

Nominators may share their intentions with the candidate. For nomination instructions, go to and click on the link under Nominees.