New campaign marks National Pet Wellness Month

Published on October 01, 2008
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The AVMA and Fort Dodge Animal Health have launched a new educational campaign as part of National Pet Wellness Month this October.

National Pet Wellness MonthThe Test Your Pet Wellness IQ campaign challenges pet owners to test their knowledge about pet health in a fun and educational way—either in the clinic or online at—and revisits past messages from the National Pet Wellness initiative.

The AVMA and Fort Dodge are providing educational materials for the new campaign to eligible clinics that have registered with the National Pet Wellness initiative. Materials include a client brochure, poster, staff IQ button, and counter mat. The client brochure features a 10-question Pet Wellness IQ quiz with instructions for finding answers on the National Pet Wellness Web site. Visitors to the Web site also can take an online quiz and earn a Pet Wellness IQ diploma. All educational materials are applicable for year-round use.

The AVMA and Fort Dodge co-sponsored the first National Pet Wellness Month in October 2004. The initiative extends to ongoing campaigns to promote pet health, particularly to promote the benefits of twice-a-year wellness examinations.

Clinics that have not yet registered
with the National Pet Wellness initiative
can sign up at