Published on October 01, 2008
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Society for Theriogenology

Dr. Howard Whitmore
Dr. Howard Whitmore
Event: Society for Theriogenology annual conference, Aug. 12-16, St. Louis.
Program: Plenary sessions featured "Infectious causes of embryonic and fetal mortality" by Dr. Dan Givens, Auburn, Ala., and "Effect of dietary modulation of intestinal microflora on reproduction and early growth" by Gail Czarnecki-Maulden, PhD, St. Louis, Mo. In addition to providing information on diseases and reproductive performance in equine, bovine, and small ruminant sessions, the conference provided concurrent sessions on small animal theriogenology topics. Twenty-one scientific abstracts and six veterinary student case presentations were presented at the conference. A symposium and wet lab on reproduction in bulls was held at the Purina Research Farm. A breeder's symposium was devoted to reproduction in dogs. The Intervet Schering-Plough Student Symposium was held on Thursday and Friday afternoon; 50 students registered for the symposium. Case-based materials and information about career opportunities in theriogenology were provided.
Awards: Dr. Howard Whitmore, Champaign, Ill., presented The David Bartlett Honorary address. Dr. Whitmore was recognized for his contributions to reproduction in dairy cattle. He conducted research on reproductive hormones and artificial insemination of cattle. Winners of the Dr. Jerry Rains Memorial Abstract Competition sponsored by Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health were Dr. Erica Gee, Fort Collins, Colo., "Efficacy of medroxyprogesterone acetate in suppression of estrus behavior and follicular activity in cycling mares," first place ($1,000); Dr. Catherine A. DeLuca, Fort Collins, Colo., "Comparison of 3 doses of recombinant equine follicle stimulating hormone for superovulation of mares," second place ($750); Dr. Christianne Magee, Fort Collins, Colo., "Luteinizing hormone-induced release by kisspeptide in primary cultures of equine pituitary cells," third place ($500); and Lori A. McPartlin, Ithaca, N.Y., "Soluble adenylate cyclase generated cAMP acts via protein kinase A and not Epac 1/2 to direct capacitation-associated protein tyrosine phosphorylation in stallion sperm," fourth place ($250). Winners of the Veterinary Student Case Presentation Competition were Justin Phillips, University of Florida, "Breeding related full-thickness vaginal tear with associated peritonitis," first place ($650); Jonetta Tabor, Auburn University, "Tibial hemimelia: presentation, testing, and inheritance," second place ($525); Heather Avery, Auburn University, "Removal of a bovine mummified fetus via colpotomy," third place ($450); Kathleen Scarlett-Black, Auburn University, "Signs, diagnosis, surgical options, and future prognosis of a 21-year-old mare with granulose-theca cell tumor" fourth place ($375); Megan Anderson and Elizabeth Coffman, University of Tennessee, "Diagnosis, treatment, and histological identification of an ovarian leiomyoma in a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig," tie for fifth place ($300); and Jessica Elizabeth Byrd, University of Missouri-Columbia, "Epididymitis due to Comamonas testosteroni and Pseudomonas alcaligenes infection in a Quarter Horse stallion," tie for fifth place ($300).
Business: The SFT and American College of Theriogenologists have developed a position paper on mandatory spay-neuter; it is posted on the SFT Web site. The SFT conducted a survey to determine support for a new clinical journal in theriogenology; results indicate overwhelming support for this endeavor. The SFT is proceeding with plans to begin publishing this new clinical journal in theriogenology. Members were informed of the actions in the AVMA House of Delegates, particularly with regard to resolutions regarding welfare of animals.
Officials: Drs. Ana Adams, Alpharetta, Ga., president; Thomas Riddle, Lexington, Ky., president-elect; Richard Hopper, Mississippi State, Miss., vice president; Gary Warner, Elgin, Texas, secretary-treasurer; and Patrick Hearn, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, immediate past president. Newly elected members of the board of directors are Drs. James G. Floyd, Raleigh, N.C.; Donald Sanders, Urbana, Ohio; and William Schultz, Okemos, Mich.
Contact: Dr. Charles Franz, Executive Director, Society for Theriogenology, SFT Association Office, P.O. Box 3007, Montgomery, AL 36109; phone (334) 395-4666; fax, (334) 270-3399; charlesatfranzmgt [dot] com;

American College of Theriogenologists

Dr. Ina Dobrinski
Dr. Ina Dobrinski
Event: American College of Theriogenologists business meeting, Aug. 13, St. Louis
Awards: The Theriogenologist of the Year Award, sponsored by Fort Dodge Animal Health, was presented to Dr. Ina Dobrinski, Kennett Square, Pa., for excellence in research in theriogenology. She is a faculty member in the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Dobrinski is recognized for her research in transgenics, spermatogenesis, and germ cell transplantation. She is world-renowned for her studies on the creation of transgenic domestic animals through manipulation of the male germ line.
New diplomates: The ACT welcomed 11 new diplomates following successful completion of the certification examination. The new diplomates are Drs. Joy Lyn Altermatt, Fort Collins, Colo.; C. Scott Bailey, Gainesville, Fla.; Marco Bregliano, Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Anthony Claes, Kapellen, Belgium; Gurmeet Dhaliwal, Gainesville, Fla.; Erica Gee, Tokomaru, New Zealand; Allan Gunn, Scone, Australia; Stephen Hughes, Howick, Republic of South Africa; Jason Johnson, Auburn, Ala.; Katherine Naughton, West Lafayette, Ind.; and Angelika Stock, Brossard, Quebec, Canada.
Business: The ACT and Society for Theriogenology have developed a position paper on mandatory spay-neuter; it is posted on the SFT Web site, A Student Outreach Fund has been created to assist student chapters of theriogenology so that they can provide a theriogenology program at their veterinary school. The form to submit nominees for the Theriogenologist of the Year Award has been revised by the ACT Awards Committee. Efforts are ongoing to develop a speaker's network for providing presentations on theriogenology at scientific meetings. A call for volunteers will be posted to all ACT diplomates to serve on the ACT Mission Committee. The ACT Education Committee will continue to work on developing guidelines for residency training programs in theriogenology.
Officials: Drs. Ahmed Tibary, Pullman, Wash., president; Charles Estill, Corvallis, Ore., president-elect; Augustine Peter, West Lafayette, Ind., vice president; Stuart Meyers, Davis, Calif., treasurer; Philip E. Prater, Morehead, Ky., secretary; and Gary Nie, Springfield, Mo., immediate past president. Dr. Ben Espy, San Antonio, was elected to the board of directors.
Contact: Dr. Charles Franz, Executive Director, American College of Theriogenologists, P.O. Box 3065, Montgomery, AL 36109; phone (334) 395-4666; fax, (334) 270-3399; charlesatfranzmgt [dot] com;

Veterinary Orthopedic Society

Dr. Jimi Cook
Dr. Jimi Cook
Event: Annual conference, March 8-15, Big Sky, Mont.
Awards: Hohn-Johnson Research Award: Dr. Corey R. Wall, Columbia, Mo., for "Comparison of imaging modalities for diagnosis and treatment decision making for shoulder osteochondrosis in dogs." Mark S. Bloomberg Resident Research Award: Dr. Trent Gall, Fort Collins, Colo., for "In vitro biomechanical comparison of polypropylene mesh, a three-loop pulley suture pattern, and a combination of the two in the repair of avulsed canine Achilles tendons"; Dr. John Janicek, Aubrey, Texas, for "Multiple osteochondral autografts for treatment of medial trochlear ridge osteochondrosis in the equine tarsus"; Dr. Stanley Kim, Gainesville, Fla., for "Effect of tibial plateau leveling osteotomy and tibial tuberosity advancement on femorotibial contact mechanics"; Dr. Jill Luther, Colombia, Mo., for "Meniscal release in cruciate ligament intact stifles causes lameness and medial compartment cartilage pathology in dogs"; Dr. Jeffrey Seaman, Rochester, Minn., for "Nuclear scintigraphy is not a sensitive measure of bone graft incorporation"; Dr. Adrian Wallace, Cambridge, England, for "A biomechanical comparison of six double loop configurations for use in the lateral fabella suture technique for the cranial cruciate ligament deficient canine stifle"; Dr. Jennifer Warnock, San Rafael, Calif., for "In vitro fibrochondrogenesis of normal versus osteoarthritic synoviocytes for meniscal fibrocartilage tissue engineering"; and Dr. Ryan Wolker, Wawanesa, Manitoba, Canada, for "A biomechanical comparison of two parallel headless, tapered, variable-pitched, titanium compression screws and two parallel 5.5 mm cortical screws for equine proximal interphalangeal joint arthrodesis." Best Resident Presentation: Dr. Stanley Kim, Gainesville, Fla., for "Effect of tibial plateau leveling osteotomy and tibial tuberosity advancement on femorotibial contact mechanics." Best Clinical Presentation: Dr. Courtney Campbell, Las Vegas, for "The correlation of the severity of patella luxation to the incidence of concurrent patella luxation and cranial cruciate ligament rupture." Best Basic Science Presentation: Dr. Antonio Pozzi, Gainesville, Fla., for "In vitro pathomechanics of the pond-nuki model." Best Clinical Poster Presentation: I. Martin Levy, MD, Bronx, N.Y., for "A survey of injuries occurring in dogs participating in canine agility." Best Research Poster Presentation: Dr. Cory Pinel, Saint Paul, Minn., for "In vitro evaluation of the antibacterial properties of pure surgical grade titanium."
Officials: Drs. Jimi Cook, Columbia, Mo., president; Nicole Ehrhart, Fort Collins, Colo., president-elect; Jeff Godwin, Melbourne, Fla., treasurer; Ron Kettenacker, Abingdon, Md., recorder; and Charlie DeCamp, East Lansing, Mich., immediate past president

South Dakota VMA


Dr. Kevin Klozenbucher

Dr. Kevin Klozenbucher

Dr. Vicky Wilkey

Dr. Vicky Wilkey

Event: Annual meeting, Aug. 13-16, Rapid City
Awards: Veterinarian of the Year: Dr. Kevin Klozenbucher, Huron. A 1984 graduate of Kansas State University and a past president of the SDVMA, Dr. Klozenbucher is a partner at Huron Veterinary Hospital. He was instrumental in developing the SDVMA Verification/Vaccination program, which enables cattle producers to verify through South Dakota veterinarians that calves being sold have received certain health procedures.
Officials: Drs. Vicky Wilkey, Pierre, president; Dick Rogen, Sioux Falls, president-elect; Bill Baus, Redfield, 1st vice president; Penny Dye, Rapid City, 2nd vice president; Cindy Franklin, Yankton, secretary-treasurer; and Peggy Behrens, Rapid City, immediate past president