FDA issues booklet reviewing information on animal health care needs

Published on September 01, 2008
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The Center for Veterinary Medicine within the Food and Drug Administration published a pamphlet in August titled "FDA and the Veterinarian."

The purpose of the publication is to provide information on the laws and regulations enforced by the FDA as they relate to veterinary medicine.

Specifically, it reviews information on drug dispensing, compounding, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, medicated feeds, extralabel drug use, and regulatory actions.

Because of the similarities of mission between FDA and veterinarians, the booklet was written to provide a source of information on CVM activities that may be of interest to veterinarians, according to Dr. Bernadette M. Dunham, director of CVM.

The center's mission is to ensure the safety of the food supply and assist in providing for the health care needs of animals through the approval and post-approval monitoring of safe and effective animal drugs, medical devices for animals, and oversight of animal feeds.

Copies are free to members; order forms are available at www.avma.org/products/gov_materials/fda.asp.

The booklet also is available for free online at www.fda.gov/cvm/3047.htm.