House of Delegates commends service

Published on September 01, 2008
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During its regular session July 19, the AVMA House of Delegates recognized several of its members who had completed their terms of service. Dr. Larry G. Dee, alternate delegate from the Florida VMA, was leaving the HOD after 15 years of service. Completing 13 years of service was Dr. Thomas F. Meyer, delegate from the Washington State VMA. Honorees who served 12 years included Drs. David P. Madsen, delegate from the American Association of Swine Veterinarians, and Merry C. Crimi, delegate from the American Animal Hospital Association.

Dr. Mili C. Bass, alternate delegate from the Tennessee VMA, was leaving after 10 years of service. Completing nine years of service were Drs. Janet S. Wilson, delegate from the Iowa VMA, and K. Bruce Lancaster, delegate from the Idaho VMA. Dr. Gary S. Brown, delegate from the West Virginia VMA, served six years, and Brig. Gen. Michael B. Cates, delegate from the Uniformed Services of the United States, served five years.

Drs. Dee and Meyer were installed on the AVMA Executive Board July 23 and represent districts IV and XI, respectively. Dr. Brown is the new AVMA vice president.

HOD members recognized for service
Brigadier Gen. Michael B. Cates, Dr. Gary S. Brown, Dr. Larry G. Dee, Dr. Thomas F. Meyer,
Dr. David P. Madsen, Dr. Merry C. Crimi, and Dr. Janet S. Wilson