Heartworm survey responses encouraged

Published on August 01, 2008
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The American Heartworm Society is conducting a heartworm incidence survey to record canine heartworm disease cases in the United States.

The survey, made possible through corporate sponsorship, was distributed to more than 40,000 veterinary clinics and hospitals in July. All clinics, hospitals, and shelters may respond online at www.heartwormsociety.org/hwsurvey to record the number of dogs treated for heartworm disease in 2007. The last survey recorded cases of heartworm disease in 2004.

"Collecting and recording the incidence of heartworm disease fits with our mission to be the global resource for heartworm disease information," said Dr. Sheldon Rubin, AHS president. "We hope conveying the severity of this disease through actual numbers will help veterinarians encourage year-round prevention with pet owners and eventually move toward eradicating this easily preventable disease."

Respond to the heartworm survey at www.heartwormsociety.org/