Parasite education tour kicks off in July

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Parasitologists from the Companion Animal Parasite Council are traveling the country this summer to spread the word about the latest information on emerging vectorborne disease, zoonotic potential, and parasite control for dogs and cats.

The CAPC education group will be visiting 13 cities in 17 days starting July 22 in New Orleans at the close of the AVMA convention. They will be meeting with veterinarians, veterinary staff, and human health professionals to offer continuing education on parasites, vector-borne diseases, and zoonotic risks.

Road show topics include the expanding geographic range of vectors and disease; new options for control of vectors and vectorborne disease; parasitic threats posed to dogs, cats, and owners; heartworm risks to pets and people; and the presence of common internal parasites and their zoonotic risk.

"We know that the geographic range of some parasites and zoonotic diseases is expanding, and veterinary and human health care professionals need to be aware of these issues and the increased risks they present," said Dr. Michael Paul, CAPC executive director. "The education tour will help us spread the word about these parasitic threats and the latest diagnostic and prevention protocols to most effectively manage them."

Attendees can receive two hours of CE credit from the American Association of Veterinary State Boards' RACE program.

Dr. Paul added that the CAPC is planning educational activities for pet owners during the tour at locations in Kansas City (July 25), Chicago (July 27), New York City (Aug. 2), Baltimore (Aug. 3), and Charleston, S.C. (Aug. 6-7). "Also, we have meetings planned with medical professionals at Tufts University in Boston to exchange information on zoonotic parasite issues that place pet owners and their families at risk," Dr. Paul said.

For information on tour dates, times, and locations of the veterinary meetings, and to register to attend an educational session, visit or call (443) 243-3412.