American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists
Published on February 01, 2008
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Event: Annual meeting, Oct. 22-27, Kona, Hawaii
Awards: Resident's Award, sponsored by Merck Research Laboratories: Best basic science paper—Dr. Bianca Bauer, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, for "Nucleotide sequencing for the mitochondrial transcription factor A gene (Tfam) in Miniature Schnauzer dogs affected with inherited retinal dysplasia and persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous"; Best clinical paper—Dr. Christine Lim, Davis, Calif., for "Effects on tear film dynamics of experimental feline herpesvirus infection"; Best clinical poster—Dr. Martin Coster, West Lafayette, Ind., for "Reference values for ophthalmic diagnostic tests, comparison of tear test methods, and conjunctival flora and cytology in the healthy guinea pig (Cavia porcellus)"; Best research poster—Dr. Shannon Boveland, Athens, Ga., for "Immunohistochemical detection and the correlations between matrix metalloproteinases (MMP)-2 and-9, macrophage inflammatory protein -2 (MIP-2), and tissue inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases (timp)-1 and -2 in equine fungal keratitis." Dr. Cynthia Wheeler Memorial Award, sponsored by I-Med Pharma Inc.: Dr. Laura Barnes, Columbia, Mo., for "The effect of photodynamic therapy on squamous cell carcinoma in a murine model: An evaluation of time between intralesional injection to laser irradiation." Special Award: Dr. Kirk Gelatt, Gainesville, Fla. Dr. Gelatt was honored for his 10 years of service as editor of Veterinary Ophthalmology.
New Diplomates: Drs. Mark Bobofchak, Akron, Ohio; Sara Calvarese, Las Vegas; Renee Carter, Baton Rouge, La.; Kelly Caruso, Alexandria, Va.; Alison Clode, Raleigh, N.C.; Anne Cook, Mount Pleasant, S.C.; Doug Esson, Upland, Calif.; Janet Isherwood, Baltimore; Maria Kallberg, Gainesville, Fla.; Matthew Landry, Ithaca, N.Y.; Heather Low, Garden City, Idaho; Danielle Paglia, Sacramento, Calif.; Amy Pauli, Minneapolis; Jacqueline Pearce, Columbia, Mo.; Jamie Schorling, San Diego; Nicole Scotty, Saint Paul, Minn.; and Erica Tolar, Simpsonville, Ky.
Officials: Drs. Bob Munger, Dallas, president; Cynthia Powell, Fort Collins, Colo., president-elect; Cynthia Cook, San Carlos, Calif., vice president; Steve Dugan, Denver, secretary-treasurer; and Erin Champagne, Buffalo, N.Y., immediate past president

New Mexico VMA

Event: Annual meeting, Nov. 12, Santa Fe
Awards: Veterinarian of the Year: Dr. Paul J. Malin, Albuquerque. A 1977 graduate of The Royal Veterinary College, Dr. Malin owns Albuquerque Veterinary Housecall Practice. Distinguished Service Award: Dr. Edward J. Fallen, Albuquerque. A 1983 graduate of Colorado State University, Dr. Fallen owns the Large Animal Clinic in Albuquerque.
Officials: Drs. Lawrence Young, Artesia, president; Linda Locklar, Silver City, president-elect; Timothy "Murt" Byrne, Santa Fe, treasurer; and Michael Tomasic, Santa Fe, immediate past president

Joint Pathology Meetings

Event: American College of Veterinary Pathologists, American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology, joint annual meetings, Nov. 10-14, 2007, Savannah, Ga.
Program: The ACVP program included premeeting symposia, a joint plenary session, specialty group sessions, and an emerging disease focus seminar. The ASVCP held a premeeting workshop, an education symposium, a teaching forum, and clinical pathology scientific sessions.

American College of Veterinary Pathologists  

Awards: Young Investigator Award, category of diagnostic pathology, First place: S. White-Hunt, University of Connecticut, for "Perianal squamous cell carcinoma in three genetically related pygmy goats"; Second place: R. Johnson, Purdue University, for "Genomic identification of Bartonella henselae in an aborted equine fetus"; Third place: I.L. Bergin, Michigan State University, for "Intersex in a domestic short-haired cat with mosaic karyotype 38, XX/39, XXY." Category of toxicologic pathology, First place: D. Caudell, National Institutes for Health and University of Maryland, for "The CALM-F10 fusion gene expressed in transgenic mice leads to Hoxa cluster overexpression and acute leukemia"; Second place: J. Lucas, Purdue University, for "Time course comparison of LY504132 and DHT on proliferation and apoptosis in the female F344 rat mammary gland"; Third place: K.R. Hobbie, North Carolina State University and United States Environmental Protection Agency, for "Mechanisms of DMN-induced hepatic neoplasia in the F344 rat versus the medaka fish." Category of natural disease, First place: R. Sura, University of Connecticut, for "Extraintestinal pathogenic E. coli (ExPEC) induced acute necrotizing pneumonia in cats"; Second place: P. Mouser, Purdue University, for "Spontaneous canine intraepithelial mammary gland lesions as a model for human breast preneoplasia"; Third place: T. Southard, Johns Hopkins University, for "Vestibular syndrome due to brainstem infarction in Swiss mice." Category of experimental disease, First place: S.L. Fossey, The Ohio State University, for "Investigating the role of STAT3 activation in human and canine osteosarcoma"; Second place: J. R. Powe, University of Florida, for "Canine influenza virus replicates in canine alveolar macrophages and induces TNF-alpha expression"; Third place: G. L. Beamer, The Ohio State University, for "Decreased CCL5 correlates with heightened susceptibility to mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, delated T cell trafficking to the lungs, and poorly organized granulomas in vivo." Christopher T. Starost Memorial Oncology Scholarship, First place: S.L. Fossey, The Ohio State University, for "Investigating the role of STAT3 activation in human and canine osteosarcoma"; Second place: Melissa Schutten, University of Wisconsin-Madison, for "A transgenic mouse model of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma." Student Poster AwardsExperimental pathology: A. McCalla-Martin, North Carolina State University, for "P19 Arf expression in transient vasculature systems"; Clinical pathology: D.G. Garneau, Texas A&M University, for "BVDV2–induced hypomyelinogenesis in a longhorn calf." Society of Toxicologic Pathology Student Speaker Award: T.Y. Lin, The Ohio State University, for "The novel HSP90 inhibitor STA9090 exhibits activity against Kit dependent and independent malignant canine mast cell tumors." ACVP/AAVLD Diagnostic Travel Award: A. Rodrigues, Texas A&M University, for "Central nervous system pathology of naturally occurring Trypanosoma evansi infection in horses." Harold W. Casey Memorial Scholarship: Dr. Matthew Buccellato, The Ohio State University. Distinguished and honorary members: The ACVP elected Dr. Paul Newberne, Bedford, Mass., as a distinguished member, and Dr. Walter Hoffmann, Urbana, Ill., as an honorary member. Dr. Samuel Thompson, Gurnee, Ill., received an Outstanding Achievement Award for his contributions to the specialty of veterinary pathology through the establishment and management of the Charles Louis Davis DVM Foundation.


New diplomates: The ACVP recognized 84 new diplomates on successful completion of the certifying examination in Ames, Iowa, Sept. 26-28, 2007. Certified as veterinary anatomic pathologists were Drs. Jeffrey R. Abbott, Gainesville, Fla.; Arlen V. Avakian, Weston, Mass.; Shawn J. Berens, Pullman, Wash.; Ammon W. Brown, Savage, Md.; David V. Calise, College Station, Texas; Laura R. Carter, Sterling, Va.; Timothy K. Cooper, Littlestown, Pa.; Lisa M. Crofton, Luray, Va.; Melissa Czajkowski, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Clifton P. Drew, West Sacramento, Calif.; Rachel E. Geisel, Warwick, Queensland, Australia; Gopakumar Gopalakrishnan, Ashland, Ohio; Solomon Haile, Pincourt, Quebec, Canada; Gary Haldorson, Pullman, Wash.; Schantel A. Hayes, Rockville, Md.; Kathleen Heinz-Taheny, Champaign, Ill.; Denise M. Imai, Davis, Calif.; Tomislav Jelesijevic, Athens, Ga.; Shannon L. Johnson, Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada; Katherine A.B. Knostman, Columbus, Ohio; Keiichi Kuroki, Columbia, Mo.; Victoria A. Laast, Ashburn, Va.; Timothy P. LaBranche, University City, Mo.; Kevin K. Lahmers, Pullman, Wash.; Catherine G. Lamm, Stillwater, Okla.; Isabelle Lanthier, Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada; Richard Luong, Palo Alto, Calif.; Christy A. McKnight, Portage, Mich.; Alexander D. McLachlan, Murdoch, Western Australia, Australia; Timothy W. Morgan, Baton Rouge, La.; Kathleen B. Muravnick, Berlin, Conn.; Brian Murphy, Pullman, Wash.; Sanjeev K. Narayanan, Manhattan, Kan.; Keith G. Nelson, Kalamazoo, Mich.; Michael A. Owston. Lafayette, Ind.; Christopher Premanandan, Columbus, Ohio; Teena L. Price, Davis, Calif.; Rose S. Ranck, Raleigh, N.C.; Lorna Rasmussen, Vermont South, Victoria, Australia; Danielle R. Reel, Knoxville, Tenn.; Christopher M. Reilly, Sutton, Mass.; Carlos E. Rodriguez Alfonzo, Bronx, N.Y.; Cheryl Sangster, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; Tiffany Scanlon, Parkville, Md.; Carl I. Shaia, Olney, Md.; Heather R. Shive, Washington, D.C.; Heather A. Simmons, Middleton, Wis.; Quincey R. Simmons, Jamaica Plain, Mass.; Bhanu P. Singh, Morrisville, N.C.; Rebecca C. Smedley, Lansing, Mich.; Lauren M. Staska, Richland, Wash.; William C. Stoffregen, Lake Elmo, Minn.; James A. Trybus, Amarillo, Texas; Vimala Vemireddi, West Lafayette, Ind.; Nobuko Wakamatsu, Baton Rouge, La.; Shannon M. Wallace, Burnesville, Md.; Jennifer G. Ward, Gainesville, Fla.; Mary T. Wight-Carter, Leonardville, Kan.; Bruce K. Wobeser, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; Jennifer H. Yearley, Hudson, Mass.; and Stephen Yeomans, Glenside, South Australia, Australia. Certified as veterinary clinical pathologists were Drs. Adam Aulbach, Mattawan, Mich.; Elmarie Bodes, Siler City, N.C.; Hilary J. Burgess, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; Peter W. Christopherson, Auburn University, Ala.; Elizabeth A. Cienava, Atlanta; Susan Fielder, Stillwater, Okla.; Heather Flaherty, Ames, Iowa; Valerie Guilpin Barlow, Malvern, Pa.; Rebekah G. Gunn, Cary, N.C.; Jenifer A. Hill, Noranda, Western Australia, Australia; Tara A. Holmberg, Langley, British Columbia, Canada; Teita Ishizaki, Mabelvale, Ariz.; Jennifer L. Johns, Davis, Calif.; Kurt V. Kreutzer, Columbia, Mo.; Michael R. Logan, West Lafayette, Ind.; Jed A. Overmann, Saint Paul, Minn.; Lisa M. Pohlman, Auburn, Ala.; Roger M. Powell, Hitchin, Herts, United Kingdom; Dawn Seddon, Waikato, New Zealand; Connie K. Stevenson, Mukiteo, Wash.; and Nicole M. Weinstein, Philadelphia. Drs. Shawn P. Clark, Evansville, Ind., and Amy L. Warren, Ithaca, N.Y., received dual certification in veterinary anatomic and clinical pathology.
Officials: Drs. Mary Anna Thrall, Fort Collins, Colo., president; John Cullen, Raleigh, N.C., vice president/president-elect; Derek Mosier, Manhattan, Kan., secretary-treasurer; and Paul Stromberg, Columbus, Ohio, immediate past president  

American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Awards: Young Investigator Award: T.Y. Lin, The Ohio State University, for "Phenotypic and functional characterization of canine bone marrow derived cultured mast cells."  
Officials: Drs. Christine Olver, Fort Collins, Colo., president; Holly Jordan, Research Triangle Park, N.C., president-elect; Karen Russell, College Station, Texas, secretary; Sonjia M. Shelly, West Sacramento, Calif., treasurer; and M. Judith Radin, Columbus, Ohio, immediate past president