Affiliated groups meet in D.C.

Published on September 15, 2007
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Forty allied or other veterinary-related organizations and several alumni groups from universities and colleges convened this year at the 144th AVMA Annual Convention in Washington, D.C.

Over a period of five days, the veterinary groups were involved in many activities, including lectures, certification examinations, business meetings, workshops, and social gatherings. Many of the organizations co-sponsored the AVMA's educational sessions.

The activities and honors awarded by some of the organizations are reported on the following pages.

Avian pathologists


Event: American Association of Avian Pathologists meeting, July 15-18, Washington, D.C.
Program: The AAAP celebrated its 50th anniversary (see page) in Washington, D.C., with two historical presentations. Dr. Richard Witter presented "Origin and evolution of the American Association of Avian Pathologists: 50 Years of dedication and accomplishment," and Dr. Bruce Calnek presented "A fiftieth birthday for AAAP." Six founding members of the AAAP were in attendance.
Awards: Special Service Award: Dr. Don Waldrip, Oakwood, Ga., was recognized for his contributions and service to the veterinary profession, including mentoring, on a local and national level. A 1962 graduate of the University of Georgia, Dr. Waldrip is director of live operations at Wayne Farms. Earlier in his career, he served in the Air Force Veterinary Corps, worked as a diagnostician for the Georgia Poultry Laboratory, and was a clinician with Foster Farms and Gold Kist. Bayer-Snoeyenbos New Investigator Award: Dr. Guillermo Zavala, Athens, Ga., for his work with primary breeding companies to develop assays to detect ALV-J in primary breeding stock. Dr. Zavala is a faculty member of the Department of Avian Medicine at the University of Georgia, where he conducts research on retrovirus infection in poultry. Calnek Applied Poultry Research Achievement Award: Dr. David Suarez, Athens, Ga., for his efforts on rapid diagnosis of critical poultry diseases. A 1976 graduate of Auburn University, Dr. Suarez is research leader for the exotic and emerging avian viral research unit at the Department of Agriculture's Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory. Lasher-Bottorff Award: Dr. Hashim Ghori, Little Rock, Ark., for outstanding epidemiologic and diagnostic skills and for developing disease control programs. A 1964 graduate of the Hyderabad College of Veterinary Science in India, Dr. Ghori has served as the Arkansas state contact representative for the National Poultry Improvement Plan program for 25 years. Phibro Animal Health Excellence Award: Dr. Pedro Villegas, Athens, Ga., for his efforts to address poultry health problems and inventions to help control poultry diseases. A 1967 graduate of the University of Tolima in Columbia, Dr. Villegas is a faculty member of the Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center at the University of Georgia. Earlier in his career, he served as director of the Diagnosis and Avian Diseases Program at the Columbian Agricultural Institute in Bogota. Dr. Villegas holds the patent for the Newcastle disease vaccine VG/GA. P.P. Levine Award: Dr. Angela Romer-Oberdorfer, Greifswald-Insel, Riems, Germany, for her paper "Enhancement of pathogenicity of Newcastle disease virus by alteration of specific amino acid residues in the surface glycoproteins F and HN." Dr. Oberdorfer works at the Friedrich-Loeffler Institute on the Island of Reims in northeast Germany. Reed Rumsey Student Award: Dr. Mohamed Faizal Abdul Careem, Guelph, Ontario, Canada, for his presentation "Cellular and cytokine responses associated with dinitrofluorobenzene-induced contact hypersensitivity in chicken." Dr. Abdul Careem is a graduate student at the Ontario Veterinary College. Richard B. Rimler Memorial Paper Scholarship: Hadi Yassine, Wooster, Ohio. Yassine is pursuing a PhD degree at The Ohio State University, researching interspecies transmission of influenza A viruses. L. Dwight Schwartz Travel Scholarship: Devorah Marks, Raleigh, N.C. Marks is a third-year veterinary student at North Carolina State University. Arnold S. Rosenwald Student Poster Award: Leyi Wang, Columbus, Ohio. Lifetime membership was granted to Drs. Stan Kleven, Athens, Ga., and Richard Witter, East Lansing, Mich. A diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Microbiologists and a charter diplomate of the American College of Poultry Veterinarians, Dr. Kleven is a member of the faculty at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. During his tenure, he has served as head of the Department of Avian Medicine and directed the Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center. A charter diplomate of the American College of Poultry Veterinarians, Dr. Witter retired from the Department of Agriculture in 2002. During his career with the USDA, he served as director of the Avian Disease and Oncology Laboratory from 1975-1988. Dr. Witter is an adjunct professor at Michigan State University.
Business: The AAAP board of directors approved meeting with the more than 1,000 members of the Poultry Science Association in 2010 or 2011. It was decided that beginning in 2008, the Wednesday morning sessions of the AAAP scientific program at the AVMA Annual Convention will be held in the AAAP headquarters hotel instead of at the convention center.
Officials (2007-2008): Drs. Fred Hoerr, Auburn, Ala., president; Bruce Stewart-Brown, Salisbury, Md., president-elect; Charles L. Hofacre, Athens, Ga., secretary-treasurer; Pat Wakenell, Davis, Calif., immediate past president; Patty Dunn, University Park, Pa., Northeast director; Hector Cervantes, Watkinsville, Ga., Southern director; Kenton Kreager, Dallas Center, Iowa, Central director; Stewart Ritchie, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, Western director; and directors-at-large—Drs. Travis Cigainero, Pittsburg, Texas, and Bruce Charlton, Coulterville, Calif.
Contact: Dr. Charles L. Hofacre, Secretary-Treasurer, American Association of Avian Pathologists, University of Georgia, 953 College Station Road, Athens, GA 30602; phone, (706) 542-5645; fax, (706) 542-0249; aaapatuga [dot] edu; Web site,

Food hygiene veterinarians

Event: American Association of Food Hygiene Veterinarians meeting, July 16, Washington, D.C.

Dr. Kenneth E. PetersenDr. Charles E. PixleyAwards: Veterinarian of the Year: Dr. Kenneth E. Petersen, Washington, D.C., for his career accomplishments, particularly with regard to the issue of melamine-adulterated pet food. A 1982 graduate of the University of Illinois and a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, Dr. Petersen is assistant administrator of the Office of Field Operations for the Department of Agriculture. He helps oversee nationwide inspection of meat, poultry, and egg products at commercial establishments. President's Award: Dr. Charles E. Pixley, Athens, Ga., for contributions to the mission of the association in 2006-2007.AAFHV A 1977 graduate of Michigan State University and a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, Dr. Pixley is director of the Laboratory Quality Assurance Division of the Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service.
Officials: Drs. Rex Holt, Atlanta, president; Thomas Kasari, Fort Collins, Colo., president-elect; Charles Pixley, Atlanta, vice president; Heather Case, Schaumburg, Ill., recording secretary; Joseph Blair, Annandale, Va., executive vice president; and Candace Jacobs, San Antonio, immediate past president
Contact: Dr. Marcia L. Headrick, American Association of Food Hygiene Veterinarians, 258 Oakdale Road, Townville, SC 29689; phone, (864) 221-1261; fax, (864) 221-1261; VolVetathughes [dot] net, Web site,

Retired veterinarians


Event: American Association of Retired Veterinarians meeting, July 15, Washington, D.C.
Program: The guest speaker was Dr. Nancy Loes, technical service adviser for Nutramax Laboratories. She reported on the nature of commonly available nondrug compounds that provide cartilage protection in animals and people with a variety of joint disorders.
Officials: Drs. Arthur Freeman, Indianapolis, president; Franklin Coy, Chagrin Falls, Ohio, vice president and Eastern representative; Bert Mitchell, Sarasota, Fla., secretary; Roger W. Batchelder, Cortland, N.Y., treasurer; Russell H. Anthony, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Central representative; and Roy H. Peterson, Tillamook, Ore., Western representative
Contact: Dr. Bert Mitchell, Secretary, American Association of Retired Veterinarians, 5186 Cote du Rhone Way, Sarasota, FL 34238; phone, (941) 921-6426; fax, (941) 921-7187; bert [dot] mitchellatearthlink [dot] net ()

Small ruminant practitioners

Event: American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners meeting, July 14, Washington, D.C.
Program: Immediate past president of the AASRP, Dr. Joan Bowen, presided over the meeting. It was reported that membership had risen from the previous year and that the association was financially stronger than at any other time in its 39-year history.
Awards: Dr. Don E. Bailey Small Ruminant Practitioner of the Year: Dr. Joan D. Rowe, Davis, Calif., for her devotion to small ruminant medicine through research, teaching, and service. A 1980 graduate of the University of California-Davis, Dr. Rowe is an associate professor in population health and reproduction at the university's School of Veterinary Medicine. Her research interests include lentivirus infections in small ruminants, bovine neosporosis, and reproductive epidemiology in cattle, sheep, and goats. A diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, Dr. Rowe serves as a liaison from the university to the agribusiness community and the livestock industry. Plaques were presented to Drs. Michael Rings, Columbus, Ohio, and Joan Bowen, Wellington, Colo., for their service on the board of directors and as president, respectively.
Officials: Drs. Joe Snyder, Myrtle Point, Ore., president; Jim Fallen, Albuquerque, N.M., president-elect/vice president; and Joan Bowen, Wellington, Colo., immediate past president
Contact: Peggy Bowier, Administrator, American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners, 2413 Nashville Road, Suite 112, MS-C13, Bowling Green, KY 42101; phone, (270) 793-0781; fax, (502) 413-6625; aasrpataasrp [dot] org (), Web site,

Veterinary parasitologists


Event: American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists meeting, July 14-17, Washington, D.C.
Program: The meeting had in attendance 177 scientists, students, and veterinarians from academia, government, and industry with a special interest in veterinary parasitology, from the United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and South America.
Dr. Ronald FayerAwards: AAVP Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist Award, sponsored by Merial Ltd: Dr. Ronald Fayer, Beltsville, Md., for outstanding contributions to the life cycles and epidemiology of parasitic protozoa such as Sarcocystis and Cryptosporidium. Dr. Fayer is a zoologist with the Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service. During his career with the ARS, he has served as research leader, laboratory chief, and national program leader for parasitology and toxicology. Dr. Fayer has also directed the Animal Parasitology Institute and served as acting assistant area director for the Northeastern states. He is a past president of the AAVP, American Society of Parasitologists, and the Helminthological Society of Washington. AAVP Outstanding Graduate Student Award, sponsored by Intervet Inc.: Martin K. Nielsen, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Frederiksberg, Denmark. Best Student Presentation Award, sponsored by Bayer HealthCare: First place—Heather D. Stockdale, Auburn University; Second place—Richard W. Gerhold, University of Georgia.
Officials: Drs. David S. Lindsay, Blacksburg, Va., president; Susan E. Little, Stillwater, Okla., president-elect; Lora R. Ballweber, Fort Collins, Colo., vice president and program chair; Alan A. Marchiondo, St. Joseph, Mo., secretary-treasurer; and Daniel E. Snyder, Greenfield, Ind., immediate past president
Contact: Dr. Alan A. Marchiondo, Secretary-Treasurer, American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists, IVX Animal Health Inc., 3915 S. 48th St. Terrace, St. Joseph, MO 64503; phone, (816) 676-6151; fax, (816) 676-6874; alan_marchiondoativax [dot] com ()

Veterinary toxicologists

Event: American Board of Veterinary Toxicology meeting, July 16, Washington, D.C.


Dr. Diane GerkenAwards: Service Award: Dr. Diane Gerken, Columbus, Ohio, for her longtime support and commitment to the ABVT. Dr. Gerken is a toxicologist at Battelle Science and Technology Inc., in Columbus. Veterinary Toxicology Student Paper Competition, co-sponsored by Intervet Inc. and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' Animal Poison Control Center: Dr. Christina Hansen (IL '07), first place; Dr. Erica Pribyl (WSU '07), second place; and Dr. Niki Wolley (WSU '07), third place.
New diplomates: Drs. Camille Declementi, Urbana, Ill.; Charlotte Means, Urbana, Ill.; and Valentina Merola, Urbana, Ill.
Business: ABVT vice president, Dr. Wayne Spoo, presented some major changes and service upgrades to the ABVT Web site. Dr. Sharon Gwaltney-Brant, chair of the ABVT Examination Committee, reviewed the changes made to the examination preparation process.
Officials: Drs. Patricia Talcott, Pullman, Wash., president; Wayne Spoo, Winston-Salem, N.C., vice president; and Birgit Puschner, Davis, Calif., secretary-treasurer
Contact: Dr. Birgit Puschner, Secretary-Treasurer, American Board of Veterinary Toxicology, California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, West Health Sciences Drive, Davis, CA 95616; phone, (530) 752-1154; fax, (530) 752-3361; bpuschneratucdavis [dot] edu (); Web site,

Veterinary preventive medicine


Event: American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine meeting, July 13-16, Washington, D.C.
Awards: Distinguished Diplomate Award:Dr. Lyle P. Vogel Dr. Lyle P. Vogel, Schaumburg, Ill., for his accomplishments and vision in support of veterinary preventive medicine and public health, and recent efforts to improve animal welfare. Interim assistant executive vice president of the AVMA since August 2007, Dr. Vogel previously served as director of the AVMA Animal Welfare Division. During his 14-year career with the AVMA, he was director of the Scientific Activities Division for 10 years. Helwig-Jennings Award: Dr. Roger A. Krogwold, Pickerington, Ohio, for his efforts and leadership as ACVPM representative to the American Board of Veterinary Specialties. Dr. Krogwold is an epidemiologist with the Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Veterinary Services staff, involved in program disease surveillance, geospatial analysis, and special projects. Earlier in his career, he worked for the Ohio Department of Health, served in the Air Force as a career officer, and practiced large animal medicine. Frank A. Todd President's Award: Dr. Gary L. Bowman, Milford Center, Ohio, for coordinating the local arrangements for the certifying examination in Columbus, Ohio, for the past two years. Dr. Bowman is past extension veterinarian and associate professor emeritus at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.Rear Admiral Linda K. Tollefson He serves as an ACVPM councilor and as the liaison from the examinations committee to the ACVPM executive board. Rear Admiral Linda K. Tollefson, the 2006 ACVPM honorary diplomate, was recognized at the meeting. Dr. Tollefson is assistant surgeon general in the U.S. Public Health Service. She serves as assistant commissioner for science at the Food and Drug Administration and chairs the FDA's Institutional Review Board. Certificates of appreciation were awarded to the following individuals for their service on committees: Drs. Gillian Comyn, Richmond, Va.; Jimmy Villiard, Harker Heights, Texas; Paul Garbe, Atlanta; Radford Davis, Ames, Iowa; Michael McElvaine, Washington, D.C.; and Hugh Mainzer, Dunwoody, Ga.
Business: The ACVPM reported on the continuing job analysis study that will identify key competencies used in the fields of public health and preventive medicine. This information will be used to improve testing of candidates for certification.
New Diplomates: Twenty-nine new diplomates were welcomed into the college following successful completion of the certifying examination. The new diplomates are Drs. Casey B. Behravesh, Atlanta; Steven Baty, Fort Bragg, N.C.; Arlene Bucholz, Honolulu; Ronald L. Burke, Bethesda, Md.; Bryan F. Buss, Lincoln, Neb.; Glenda Dvorak, Ames, Iowa; Dawn C. Fitzhugh, Bethesda, Md.; Zimra Gordon, Stamford, Conn.; Anne E. Hessinger, Marysville, Ohio; Armando E. Hoet, Columbus, Ohio; Stacy Holzbauer, Minneapolis; John Huntley, Albany, N.Y.; Cynthia Johnson, Denver; Steven Just, Morris, Minn.; Eric Lombardini, Washington, D.C.; Catherine McManus, Richmond, Va.; Edith Marshall, Davis, Calif.; Larissa A. Minicucci, St. Paul, Minn.; Mickey G. Moppin, Fort Leavenworth, Kan.; Alexandra Newman, Albany, N.Y.; Katie A. Portacci, Fort Collins, Colo.; Melissa Resnick, Philadelphia; Susan Rollo, College Station, Texas; Brett J. Taylor, Frederick, Md.; Cynthia Thomas, Washington, D.C., Bruce Towne, Gowrie, Iowa; Ingrid Trevino, Springfield, Ill.; Katherine Waters, Saint Paul, Minn.; and Mary Anne Wenck, Diamond Creek, Australia.
Officials: Drs. John R. Herbold, San Antonio, president; Margaret N. Carter, Alexandria, Va., president-elect; Candace A. Jacobs, San Antonio, secretary-treasurer; Russell W. Currier, Des Moines, Iowa, executive vice president; Patricia B. Scharko, Lexington, Ky., immediate past president; Beth E. Karp, Rockville, Md., president of the Specialty of Epidemiology; and councilors—Drs. Gary L. Bowman, Milford Center, Ohio; J. Kevin Grayson, Davis, Calif.; and Liz A. Wagstrom, Clive, Iowa
Contact: Dr. Russell W. Currier, Executive Vice President, American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, P.O. Box 22219, Clive, IA 50325; phone, (515) 331-4439; fax, (515) 331-4947; evpatacvpm [dot] org (); Web site,

Heartworm society

Event: American Heartworm Society meeting, July 13-14, Washington, D.C.
Awards: Honorary Membership: Awarded to Dr. Jack D. Noyes, Barrington, Ill. A charter member and past president of the society, Dr. Noyes recently retired as director of Noyes Animal Hospital in Barrington. He is also a past president of the Illinois State VMA, chairing its heartworm committee from 1972-1997. Known for his expertise in the study and treatment of heartworm disease, Dr. Noyes has initiated and conducted several heartworm surveys for the ISVMA.
Officials: Drs. Sheldon B. Rubin, Chicago, president; Doug Carithers, Duluth, Ga., vice president; Wallace Graham, Corpus Christi, Texas, secretary-treasurer; and Charles T. Nelson, Anniston, Ala., immediate past president
Contact: Dr. Eve C. Larocca, Executive Director, American Heartworm Society, P.O. Box 667, Batavia, IL 60510; phone, (630) 262-1997; fax, (630) 208-8398; eve [dot] laroccaatheartwormsociety [dot] org (); Web site,

Laboratory animal practitioners

Event: American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners, July 17, Washington, D.C.
Dr. Christian R. AbeeDr. Muriel SlattumAwards: ASLAP Excellence in Research Award: Dr. Christian R. Abee, Bastrop, Texas. Dr. Abee is director of the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center's Michale E. Keeling Center for Comparative Medicine and Research. He also serves as Dr. R. Lee Clark Professor and chairs the Department of Veterinary Sciences. Dr. Abee was honored for outstanding work with neotropical primates in biomedicine and biology. Plaque of appreciation: Dr. Muriel Slattum, Seattle, immediate past ASLAP alternate delegate to the AVMA House of Delegates.
Dr. Karl J. FieldBusiness: The ASLAP is working to develop position statements on pain recognition and alleviation, humane end points, and class B dealers (dealers licensed by the Department of Agriculture to buy animals from random sources and sell them to animal research facilities for biomedical research, testing, and educational purposes; sources include auctions, flea markets, or animal shelters). These statements should be completed and approved by the board of directors by Oct. 31, 2007.
Officials: Drs. Karl J. Field, Lawrenceville, N.J., president; Gerald Smith, Indianapolis, president-elect; Fred M. Rock, New Brunswick, N.J., secretary-treasurer; and Peggy Danneman, Bar Harbor, Maine, immediate past president
Contact: Fred M. Rock, Secretary-Treasurer, American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners, One Squibb Drive, New Brunswick, NJ 08903-0191; phone, (732) 227-7261; fax, (732) 227-3982; rockfatbms [dot] com (); Web site,

Veterinary medical association executives

Event: American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives meeting, July 14, Washington, D.C.
Doug RavenJack AdventAwards: Executive of the Year: Doug Raven, Milton, Ontario, Canada, for exemplifying the best in association management and continually bringing credit to the profession and the association community. Raven is the executive director of the Ontario VMA. Under his directorship, the OVMA has seen a substantial rise in membership and revenue. Several new programs and services have also been introduced, including diagnostic consultations; client satisfaction surveys; and the Farley Foundation, which assists seniors, disabled individuals, and women at risk of abuse to gain access to necessary medical treatment for their pets. Distinguished Volunteer Service Award: Jack Advent, Columbus, Ohio, in recognition of exceptional service to the ASVMAE. Executive director of the Ohio VMA, Advent is a past president of the ASVMAE. He has served on the ASVMAE board of directors and chaired its Education Program Committee from 2006-2007. Advent has also served on several ASVMAE task forces.
Officials: Michelle Wagner, Reno, Nev., president; Dr. Charles Franz, Montgomery, Ala., president-elect; Charlene Wandzilak, Hershey, Pa., secretary; Ralph Johnson, Denver, treasurer; and Emily Kane, Phoenix, immediate past president
Contact: Michelle Wagner, President, American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives, P.O. Box 34420, Reno, NV 89533; phone, (775) 324-5344; fax, (775) 747-9170; nevadavmaatsbcglobal [dot] net (), Web site,

Veterinary epidemiology

Event: American Veterinary Epidemiology Society meeting, July 17, Washington, D.C.
Dr. Primo Arambulo IIIDr. Leon H. Russell Jr.Awards: Karl. F. Meyer-James H. Steele Gold Head Cane Award, sponsored by Hartz Mountain Corporation: Drs. Leon H. Russell Jr., College Station, Texas, and Primo Arambulo III, Washington, D.C., for lifetime achievement in the area of epidemiology. A 1956 graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, Dr. Russell is a professor at Texas A&M University's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and the first American to be elected president of the World Veterinary Association. He has also served as president of the AVMA, Texas VMA, and the American Association of Food Hygiene Veterinarians. Known for his expertise in public health, Dr. Russell is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine. A graduate of the University of Philippines, Dr. Arambulo is a consultant for international affairs and global initiative on veterinary education with the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges. His career with the Pan American Health Organization and World Health Organization spanned 25 years. Dr. Arambulo served as a member of the WHO Expert Advisory Panel on food hygiene and zoonoses from 1972-1982.
Officials: Drs. Lonnie J. King, Atlanta, president; Suzanne R. Jenkins, Midlothian, Va., vice president; and Jill Richardson, Secaucus, N.J., secretary
Contact: Dr. Jill Richardson, Secretary, American Veterinary Epidemiology Society, 400 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ 07094; phone, (201) 271-4800, ext. 7985; fax, (201) 271-1206; jrichardsonathartz [dot] com ()

Veterinary history society

Event: American Veterinary Medical History Society meeting, July 16, Washington, D.C.
Dr. Zbigniew WojcinskiProgram: There were several presentations on veterinary history, including "Scabies: Human/animal relationships" by Dr. Russell W. Currier; "A history of animal health at Merck, 1900-2006" by Dr. Raffaele Roncalli; "The Bureau of Animal Industry and its role in developing the veterinary profession" by Dr. Philip Teigen; and "The history of the horse doctor" by Dr. Fred Born. A field trip was conducted to the National Library of Medicine for a private viewing of its rare book collection on equine anatomy.
Awards: J. Fred Smithcors Student Veterinary History Essay Contest, sponsored by Merck & Company: First place ($750)—Ellen P. Carlin, Cornell University, for "The gender laws: Federal legislation and the feminization of veterinary medicine"; second place ($500)—Jeremiah A. Burnett, Washington State University, for "Past, present, and future responses by the veterinary medical profession to socioeconomic change"; and third place ($250)—Alphina Ho, Kansas State University, for "Shining light on foreign animal diseases: The story of Plum Island."
Business: A key goal of the AVMHS during 2007 was to find ways to generate increased interest in veterinary history. A collaborative initiative between Veterinary Information Network and AVMHS is in the beginning stages of producing "Time Bites," short historical stories and vignettes of veterinary history.
Officials: Dr. Zbigniew Wojcinski, Ann Arbor, Mich., president; Dr. J. Alford Moore, Humble, Texas, president-elect; Susanne Whitaker, Ithaca, N.Y., secretary-treasurer; and Col. Gary Vroegindewey, Falls Church, Va., immediate past president
Contact: Susanne Whitaker, Secretary-Treasurer, American Veterinary Medical History Society, 23 Wedgewood Drive, Ithaca, NY 14850; phone, (607) 253-3499; fax, (607) 253-3080; skw2atcornell [dot] edu (); Web site,


Animal behaviorists


Hannah DandolosCharlotte Rockwood

Event: American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior meeting, July 16, Washington, D.C.
Awards: AVSAB Student Research Award, sponsored by Premier Pet Products: First place—Hannah Dandolos (GA '08) for "A novel method for lifting weaning pigs in biomedical research: The ventral scoop;" Runner-up—Charlotte Rockwood (CAL '09) for "Canine training methods: Association with obedience, problem behaviors and dog-owner Relationships." ACVB R.K. Anderson Resident's Award, sponsored by Premier Pet Products: Dr. Lori Gaskins, Davis, Calif., for "Effects of oral diazepam on feeding behavior and activity in Hawaii amakihi (Hemignathus virens)."
Dr. Lori GaskinsOfficials: Drs. John J. Ciribassi, Carol Stream, Ill., president; Kathy Meyer, Gaithersburg, Md., president-elect; Lisa Radosta-Huntley, Royal Palm Beach, Fla., treasurer; Melissa Bain, Davis, Calif., immediate past president; Sophia Yin, Davis, Calif., recording secretary; and members-at-large—Drs. Laurie Bergman, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., and Valli Parthasarathy, Portland, Ore.
Contact: Dr. John J. Ciribassi, President, American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, 1042 Mountain Glen Way, Carol Stream, IL 60188; phone, (630) 231-1544; fax, (630) 231-1544; drjdvmatgmail [dot] com ()

Women veterinarians


Event: Association for Women Veterinarians Foundation meeting, July 14, Washington, D.C.
Program: Dr. Carin Smith spoke on creating life-friendly schedules and on gender communication differences. Sheryl Friedley discussed generational communication differences. Patricia Rutherford spoke on how to negotiate benefits. Sessions on educational opportunities and continuing education programs were given.
Dr. Carla L. CarletonAwards: Outstanding Woman Veterinarian of the Year: Dr. Carla L. Carleton, East Lansing Mich. A 1977 graduate of Kansas State University and a diplomate of the American College of Theriogenologists, Dr. Carleton is an equine theriogenologist in the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Her research and clinical interests center on equine health, and she is involved in educational efforts in Thailand, India, and Morocco. Student scholarship awards: Kate S. Freeman, North Carolina State University; L. Tiffany Reed, University of Georgia; Gwendolen Reyes-Illg, University of Florida; and Laura Stokes-Greene, The Ohio State University.
Business: The AWVF discussed ongoing efforts with the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges to advance diversity, expanding its mission of advocating for women and promoting leadership in the veterinary profession. A motion was made and approved to change the constitution so the AWVF advisory group consists of people who represent various aspects of veterinary medicine according to the decisions of the board.
Officials: Drs. Debra Nickelson, Phoenix, president; Stacy Pritt, Denver, Pa., president-elect and programming chair; and Elizabeth Boynton, Claremont, Calif., treasurer
Contact: Dr. Debra Nickelson, President, Association for Women Veterinarians, 15653 N. 18th St., Phoenix, AZ 85022; phone, (602) 207-2124; fax, (800) 215-5875; dnickelsonatvpl [dot] com (); Web site,

Christian Veterinary Mission

Event: Christian Veterinary Mission meeting, July 15, Washington, D.C.
Program: The CVM provided an ecumenical worship service at the AVMA Annual Convention. Dr. Mark Woods and his wife, Barbara, led the service, which was followed by an overview of the work done by the mission. Dr. Robert Scott shared his testimony on the challenge "Nine months in Babylon," reflecting on divine protection during his service in Iraq. Dr. Leroy Dorminy, director emeritus of the CVM, welcomed the audience at the mission's annual meeting. There was then a presentation on the work of Dr. Scott Karper and his wife, Diane, in Honduras and Dr. Kelly Crowdis' service in Haiti. Dr. Kit Flowers, executive director of the CVM, closed the meeting with a review of the ways to be involved in service and ministry through the mission.
Contact: Dr. Kit Flowers, Executive Director, Christian Veterinary Mission, 19303 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98133; phone, (206) 546-7226; fax, (206) 546-7458; kflowersatcvmusa [dot] org (); Web site,

Uniformed Services veterinarians

Brig. Gen. Michael Cates

Event: Uniformed Services breakfast, July 17, Washington, D.C.
Program: Colonel John Poppe, deputy Army Veterinary Corps chief, opened the meeting and introduced Brig. Gen. Michael Cates, chief of the Corps. Brigadier General Cates welcomed the 65 officers present, honored lost and fallen colleagues with a moment of silence, and updated the group with an address on the state of the Veterinary Corps.
Contact: Major Kimberly T. Lawler, 2250 Stanley Road, Building 2840, Suite 288, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234; phone, (210) 221-8149; fax, (210) 221-8360; kim [dot] lawleratamedd [dot] army [dot] mil ()

Aquatic veterinarians


Event: World Aquatic VMA's first general meeting, July 18, Washington, D.C.
Program: Dr. Peter Merrill, WAVMA president, thanked sponsors and supporters and outlined the structure and function of the association. There were several presentations and speeches on the global need and importance of organized aquatic veterinary medicine (see page 1009). Dr. Leon H. Russell Jr., president of the World Veterinary Association, gave the keynote speech, focusing on the concept of "One world, one medicine." Dr. Jim Edwards, past president of the WVA, reported on the role veterinarians play in aquatic animal health in Asia. Dr. Gregory Hammer, AVMA president, spoke on the importance of organizations and members in supporting new legislation and regulations that would advance veterinary medicine.
Business: The WAVMA bylaws were ratified and 2008-2009 officials were elected. Issues discussed by the Executive Board included the formation of member-driven committees, the finalization of an agreement with the Canadian VMA (hosts of the July 2008 World Veterinary Congress in Vancouver) that would allow the WAVMA to develop the WVC aquatic veterinary medicine program, the potential to hold the 2008 WAVMA annual meeting in conjunction with the WVC program, and the development of a WAVMA and WVC co-designed workshop for aquatic veterinarians on developing and implementing aquaculture biosecurity certification programs.
Officials (2008-2009): Drs. Ron Roberts, Bridge of Allen, United Kingdom, president; Hugh Mitchell, Kirkland, Wash., president-elect; Chris Walster, Stafford, United Kingdom, secretary; Dusan Palic, Ames, Iowa, treasurer; Peter Merrill, Laurel, Md., immediate past president; and members-at-large—Drs. Julius Tepper, Shirley, N.Y., and Tim Miller-Morgan, Toledo, Ore.
Contact: Dr. Chris Walster, Secretary, World Aquatic VMA, 132 Lichfield Road, Stafford ST17 4LE, United Kingdom; phone, (44) 1785 258411; fax, (44) 1785 258416; chris [dot] walsteratonlinevets [dot] co [dot] uk (); Web site,

Lesbian and gay veterinarians


Event: Lesbian and Gay VMA meeting, July 15, Washington, D.C.
Program: The LGVMA sponsored its first keynote lecture at the meeting. Professor Joan Roughgarden from Stanford University spoke on sexual diversity in the animal kingdom.
Awards: Annual Achievement Award: Presented to all the individuals involved in lobbying the AVMA-GHLIT for expansion of equal access to family health insurance for all veterinarians, regardless of sexual orientation. Among those key to this lobbying effort were Student AVMA representatives Heather Trout, Justin Sobota (president), and Erin Hicks. In February 2007, the AVMA-GHLIT board of trustees took affirmative action to extend coverage to domestic partners. Student scholarships were awarded to Sarah Dewhirst (TEX '09) and Rhiannon Lewis (FL '09) for their commitment to university service, public health, and improving the educational environment for veterinary students.
Officials: Drs. Michael D. McElvaine, Washington, D.C., president; Vic Spain, Philadelphia, secretary; Michael Miller, Alameda, Calif., treasurer; and Tim Withers, Arlington, Va., immediate past president
Contact: Dr. Vic Spain, Secretary, Lesbian and Gay VMA, 712 S. Mole St., Philadelphia, PA 19146; phone, (215) 685-6601; fax, (215) 685-6620; cvs2atcornell [dot] edu (); Web site,