FDA warns about risk of botulinum toxin in dog food - September 1, 2007

Published on August 15, 2007
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The Food and Drug Administration is warning pet owners that certain canned dog foods from Castleberry's Food Company of Augusta, Ga., could contain botulinum toxin.

Castleberry's initially recalled several types of chili sauce after two children in Texas and an Indiana couple who ate chili sauce from the company became seriously ill with botulism poisoning. The company has now recalled additional types of chili sauce, various meat products for human consumption, and four kinds of dog food.

Castleberry's recalled these Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs canned foods:

  • Irish Stew with Beef, Potatoes, and Carrots; 15 ounces; bar code, 23633-59860
  • Chinese Take-Out with Sauce, with Vegetables and Chicken; 15 ounces; bar code, 23633-59861
  • Hobo Chili with Chicken and Pasta; 15 ounces; bar code, 23633-59863
  • Southern Style Dumplings with Chicken and Vegetables; 15 ounces; bar code, 23634-59862

Exposure to botulinum toxin can be fatal in humans, but botulism poisoning has occurred only occasionally in dogs. The FDA is not aware of pet illnesses in association with Natural Balance Eatables, but the agency recommends discarding canned dog foods subject to the recall.