Regulation of hydrogen peroxide in aquaculture changes

Published on June 01, 2007
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The Food and Drug Administration on May 2 announced the removal of hydrogen peroxide from its list of aquaculture drugs with low regulatory priority.

Under enforcement discretion, the FDA had previously not objected to the use of hydrogen peroxide to control fungi on all species of fish in all life stages, including eggs. Hydrogen peroxide has now, however, been approved by the FDA as a new animal drug with the trade name 35%PEROX-AID.

Consequently, only the approved hydrogen peroxide product (PEROX-AID) can now be used in fish production; the FDA no longer allows unapproved hydrogen peroxide products to control fungi in fish or fish eggs or to treat any other fish disease, and veterinarians and aquaculture producers raising fish should use only the approved product.

The FDA is also reminding veterinarians and producers to read veterinary drug labels carefully and follow label directions to help avoid causing illegal residues in their products.

Questions concerning the use of hydrogen peroxide in aquaculture may be directed to Fran Pell, Consumer Safety Officer, FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine, Division of Compliance, phone, (240) 276-9211, or frances [dot] pellatfda [dot] hhs [dot] gov.