Practice-related polices updated

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The Executive Board has approved policies and guidelines covering a number of veterinary practice-related matters such as harassment in the workplace, and trainees and volunteers.

The board approved a new title for the AVMA model policy on harassment in the workplace. The new document, "Model policy on harassment and a discrimination-free veterinary workplace," is the new name of the existing policy.

The Council on Veterinary Service believes that the model policy is still relevant as written, and is a valuable resource for AVMA members to use as a starting point and a model for developing their own veterinary workplace policies. For these reasons, the council recommended that the only change needed was the title, to reflect current human resources terminology and to clarify its intended use.

Additionally, the board approved an updated policy on trainees and volunteers in veterinary practice to comply with the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

After a review of the "Guidelines for use of volunteers in veterinary practice" policy, the Council on Veterinary Service determined it was inadequate, and recommended replacing it with a new policy, "Guidelines for use of trainees and volunteers in veterinary practice," which reflects federal law.

And finally, the AVMA Model Practice Act was revised to reflect the June 2006 board action recognizing the Canadian VMA Animal Health Technologist/Veterinary Technician Program Accreditation Committee process for Canadian veterinary technology programs.

These and other AVMA policies are posted here.