Miyahara to remain Pacific Rim ambassador

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Dr. Allen Y. Miyahara will retain his title as ambassador for Pacific Rim development to use as he travels internationally and promotes attendance by various foreign veterinarians at the 2007 AVMA Annual Convention in Washington, D.C.

Dr. David L. McCrystle, District X representative to the Executive Board, recommended that Dr. Miyahara keep the title, which was first bestowed on him in 1999 to promote the 2006 convention in Hawaii. The efforts of Dr. Miyahara resulted in more than 750 attendees from the Pacific Rim.

Dr. Miyahara, who resides in Honolulu, continues to receive inquiries and requests for information about the Washington convention from his colleagues in China, Japan, and elsewhere.

A title such as ambassador creates a positive impression within those cultures about Dr. Miyahara's professional status as he travels and interacts throughout those areas of the world, Dr. McCrystle stated.