Board appoints representatives to committees, liaisons

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The Executive Board named the following individuals to the entities indicated, representing the designated areas. These veterinarians will begin serving in their roles at the conclusion of the AVMA House of Delegates session July 13-14 in Washington, D.C. The duration of each term varies.  

Animal Welfare Committee

American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners—Dr. Joseph H. Snyder, Myrtle Point, Ore.; American Association of Avian Pathologists—Dr. Jose A. Linares, Gonzales, Texas; American Association of Feline Practitioners—Dr. Ilona Rodan, Madison, Wis.; American Association of Swine Veterinarians—Dr. Lisa M. Tokach, Abilene, Kan.; Zoo and/or wildlife—Dr. David S. Miller, Fort Collins, Colo.; Association of Avian Veterinarians—Dr. Susan L. Clubb, Loxahatchee, Fla.  

Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee 

Extension/diagnostic services—Dr. Stephen A. Smith, Blacksburg, Va.; Research in aquatic animal health—Dr. Roy P.E. Yanong, Ruskin, Fla.; academia—Dr. Ernest (Scott) P. Weber III, Worcester, Mass.  

AVMA Group Health and Life Insurance Trust  

Members-at-large—Drs. Martha D. O'Rourke, Toms River, N.J.; Gary R. Holfinger, Perrysburg, Ohio; Harold T. Trimmer, Las Vegas  


Members-at-large—Drs. Andrew R. Clark, Lexington, Ky.; Raymond C. Ebert II, Pleasant Hill, Mo.   

AVMA PAC Policy Board

Area 1, Eastern states—Drs. Walter C. Robinson III, Greenville, S.C.; Area 3, Western states—Travis D. McDermott, Henderson, Nev.  

Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee

American Association of Swine Veterinarians—Dr. Lisa J. Becton, Harris, Mo.; American Association of Bovine Practitioners—Dr. K. Fred Gingrich II, Ashland, Ohio; AABP alternate—Dr. Grant A. Dewell, Fort Collins, Colo.; American Association of Feline Practitioners alternate—Dr. Julie K. Levy, Gainesville, Fla.; American Association of Equine Practitioners—Dr. Justin B. Janssen, Alma, Kan.; AAEP alternate—Dr. Carol K. Clark, Belleview, Fla.; American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners—Dr. David K. Wallace, Minneapolis, Kan.   

Committee on Disaster and Emergency Issues

Food animal practice—Dr. Reneé D. Dewell, Windsor, Colo.; Poultry medicine—Dr. Jo Anna Quinn, Cary, N.C.  

Committee on Environmental Issues  

International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine—Dr. Cindy P. Driscoll, Oxford, Md.; American Association of Bovine Practitioners—Dr. Alfred O. Gigstad III, Syracuse, Neb.; Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee—Dr. Billy R. Clay, Stillwater, Okla.; Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine—Dr. Paul J. Garbe, Atlanta   

Committee on the Human-Animal Bond

Veterinary ethology—Dr. Gerrard Flannigan, Greensboro, N.C.; Public health—Dr. Sara M. Williams, Hanover, Minn.   

Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities

Clinical veterinary medicine, large animal—Dr. Sarah A. Wagner, Fargo, N.D.; regulatory veterinary medicine—Dr. Jacob Casper, Owings Mills, Md.  

Convention Management and Program Committee

Liaison industry adviser—Teri Kado, Menomonie, Wis.  

Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates

State veterinary licensing board—Dr. J.C. Hines, Alpharetta, Ga.  

Food Safety Advisory Committee  

American Association of Extension Veterinarians—Dr. James D. McKean, Ames, Iowa; AAEV alternate—Dr. William B. Epperson, Columbus, Ohio; American Association of Avian Pathologists alternate—Dr. Suzanne Y. Stamey, Pittsburgh, Texas; American Association of Food Hygiene Veterinarians alternate—Dr. John P. Sanders Jr., Kearneysville, W.Va.; American Association of Swine Veterinarians alternate—Dr. Ian M. Levis, Guymon, Okla.   

Legislative Advisory Committee 

Executive Board—Dr. Larry M. Kornegay, Houston; American Association of Food Hygiene Veterinarians—Dr. Daniel E. Lafontaine, Elgin, S.C.; AAFHV alternate—Dr. Rex D. Holt, Hoschton, Ga.; American Association of Corporate and Public Practice Veterinarians—Dr. Gerald R. Schmoling, Tampa, Fla.; AACPPV alternate—Dr. David R. Hustead, Overland Park, Kan.; Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges—Dr. Bennie I. Osburn, Davis, Calif..; AAVMC alternate—Dr. H. Michael Chaddock, Washington, D.C.; American Association of Avian Pathologists alternate—Dr. Gregg J. Cutler, Moorpark, Calif.; American Association of Bovine Practitioners—Dr. Mark F. Spire, Manhattan, Kan.; AABP alternate—Dr. Virginia R. Fajt, College Station, Texas  

Member Services Committee

Academic veterinary medicine—Dr. Wade A. Northington, Hopkinsville, Ky.; private clinical practice—Dr. Grace F. Bransford, Mill Valley, Calif.; recent graduates—Dr. Scott T. Aoki, Jamaica Plain, Mass.   

State Advocacy Committee

American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives—Ralph Johnson, Denver; Area 3, Western states—Dr. Jack O. Walther, Lamoille, Nev.  

Strategic Planning Committee

House of Delegates—Dr. Daniel S. Aja, Traverse City, Mich.; member-at-large—Dr. Ronald E. Gill, West Salem, Ill.   

Veterinary Leadership Conference Planning Committee

Constituent associations—Dr. Jason E. Johnston, Troy, Ohio   

National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues 

American Veterinary Medical Association—Dr. Dennis M. McCurnin, Baton Rouge, La.

Liaison representatives

American Association for Laboratory Animal Science—Dr. John C. Baker, East Lansing, Mich.; American Feed Industry Association—Dr. David K. Wallace, Minneapolis, Kan.; NMC(formerly the National Mastitis Council)—Dr. Charles E. Ozanian, Ferndale, Calif.; Risks from Animal Contact Compendium, NASPHV—Dr. Marianne Ash, Lafayette, Ind.; American Fisheries Society, fish health section—Dr. Helen E. Roberts, Williamsville, N.Y.; Joint Subcommittee on Aquaculture National Aquatic Animal Health Task Force—Dr. Stephen A. Smith, Blacksburg, Va.; Animal Producers Sub Council—Dr. Joe C. Gillespie, McCook, Neb.; Council on Agriculture Science and Technology—Dr. A. David Scarfe, Schaumburg, Ill.; Organization International Epizootic Delegation—Dr. Billy R. Clay, Stillwater, Okla.; International Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Alliance—Dr. Marianne Ash, Lafayette, Ind.; Rabies Compendium Committee, NASPHV—Dr. Keith A.J. Friendshuh, Stillwater, Minn.; USDA National Animal Health Reporting System Aquaculture Commodity Working Group—Dr. Roy P.E. Yanong, Ruskin, Fla.; Zoonosis Education Coalition—Dr. Elizabeth A. Curry-Galvin, Schaumburg, Ill.; National Foundation for Infectious Diseases-Annual Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance—Dr. Lisa J. Becton, Harris, Mo.