AVMA seeks to participate in Healthy People 2020

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information-circle This article is more than 3 years old

The Executive Board approved AVMA participation in the development of the objectives for Healthy People 2020.

Healthy People is a public health-based project managed by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Department of Health and Human Services. It started in 1979 by the Surgeon General and is updated every 10 years.

The publications that result from the project are highly regarded guides that are used extensively by state public health departments and other health professionals, according to the AVMA Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine, which submitted the recommendation.

While the veterinary community has provided some expertise on past Healthy People publications, the council seeks to enhance AVMA's leadership and insight into the Healthy People 2020 publication. On the basis of past Healthy People publications, it is likely that the upcoming publication will include chapters on food safety, environmental health, community-based programs, and other issues that involve veterinary medicine. This provides the AVMA with opportunities to offer leadership and to be at the forefront of public health education.

The board's approval will enable the AVMA to offer assistance to DHHS in developing the objectives for Healthy People 2020.