AVMA to publish membership directory biennially

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Beginning in 2008, the AVMA Membership Directory & Resource Manual will be published and distributed biennially, instead of annually. The Executive Board approved the change during its April meeting.

Discontinuation of the directory in alternate years will result in a $45,000 loss of budgeted revenue from nonmember purchases. The net savings to the AVMA during those years, however, will be at least $315,000.

In its recommendation to the board, the Member Services Committee explained that the annual expense of publishing the directory was increasing, primarily because of the rising cost of paper and expenses related to distribution, such as postage and fuel.

Earlier this year, a new online AVMA Membership Directory was made available on the AVMA Web site. Once logged in, AVMA members may search the directory through a wide variety of search criteria. The directory is updated regularly.

The committee recognizes the value of the print directory and noted that biennial publication will allow members who don't have access to the Web site, or do not wish to use it, to use a print or CD-ROM version.