Updated rabies vaccination certificate released

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An updated rabies vaccination certificate is available from the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians. Referred to as Form 51, the certificate is a model for use by veterinarians.

The model certificate was updated primarily to more clearly identify the animal and the type of vaccine administered, according to Dr. Ben Sun, chair of the NASPHV committee that revised the "Compendium of Animal Rabies Prevention and Control, 2007" published in the March 15 issue of JAVMA.

To help more clearly identify animals, the model certificate now includes a line for a microchip number, addition of "markings" to the predominant colors box, and a space to provide the exact age of the pet. In addition, a box for the animal control license duration was added, and the species list was expanded to include ferrets.

For the vaccine portion of the certificate, a check box was added to accommodate the recent licensing of a four year-duration vaccine, Dr. Sun said. Previously, the certificate listed only one-year and three-year check boxes.

Other modifications include a line for the vaccine product name and more space to list details about the vaccination expiration.

"The previous vaccine certificate just asked for the producer of the vaccine, but in the new form, we also ask for the product name, since some of the producers make multiple vaccines," Dr. Sun said. "It helps to identify (vaccines) when we trace back in the event of a recall or if an animal that was previously vaccinated developed rabies."

To download a copy of the model certificate, log on to the association's Web site, www.nasphv.org, click on Documents, and then on Rabies Certificate.