Updated informational booklet on NAIS and horses available

Published on April 15, 2007
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The Equine Species Working Group has released an updated informational booklet on the National Animal Identification System and horses.

Titled "NAIS and horses: the facts surrounding the National Animal Identification System and the horse industry in the U.S.," the booklet reflects recent changes to the program. It also includes the working group's latest recommendations, submitted to the Department of Agriculture last August.

Chapters in the booklet cover topics such as the history of the NAIS, why the horse industry participates in the development of the NAIS, equine diseases of general concern, methods of identification, potential benefits of a national equine identification program, current status of the NAIS, and answers to frequently asked questions.

The free booklet is available for download on the ESWG Web site, www.equinespeciesworkinggroup.com.

The ESWG is the designated USDA working group for horses on the issue of the NAIS. The working group is responsible for reviewing and evaluating the NAIS and the possible participation of the horse industry in the program, as well as developing recommendations for a national equine identification plan that is in the best interests of, and protects the rights of, horse owners and breeders.