AAEP Foundation makes strides

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After adopting a new look, tagline, and mission in 2005, the AAEP Foundation accomplished several key tasks in 2006—all for the health and welfare of horses.

In April, the foundation held the Equine Research Summit, and shortly thereafter, it announced the development of a mission statement and a strategic plan for the Equine Research Coordination Group, which is made up of researchers and organizations that support equine research.

The group's objectives include increasing funding for equine research, providing education about the importance and benefits of funding equine research, and identifying the current needs of researchers and the research community.

To coordinate the group's efforts, the AAEP hired a part-time staff person to work specifically on ERCG projects.

Another highlight was the foundation's creation of the AAEP Foundation Research Fellow scholarship. The goal of the scholarship is to supplement postresidency research while addressing the increasing need to direct future researchers to the field of equine veterinary research. Dr. Jennifer G. Barrett, a resident in equine surgery at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital, was the first to receive the scholarship. She was recognized during the AAEP 52nd Annual Convention in December 2006.

Related to students, the foundation launched the Shadow a Veterinarian program for students of all ages interested in pursuing careers in equine veterinary medicine.

For more on AAEP Foundation happenings, visit www.aaepfoundation.org.