Funds available to start state animal response teams

Published on November 01, 2006
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PetSmart Charities is requesting proposals for $20,000 matching grants toward the establishment of state animal response teams.

The SART model is a public-private partnership for preparation and response to animal emergencies. Each state team supports the creation and training of county animal response teams. The SART model follows principles of the incident command system, which federal and state governments use to manage emergencies.

Grant applications are available online at, in the news section. The deadline for proposals is Jan. 5, 2007, by e-mail to infoncatsartusa [dot] org, which is also the e-mail address for questions.

Applicants must do the following:


  • demonstrate an understanding of the SART mission, organization, and various stakeholders
  • describe the planning process for forming a SART in their state—including any meetings, prior accomplishments, and state emergency plans
  • indicate members, agency affiliations, and commitment of a SART planning team
  • indicate the organizational structure of the SART, as well as future funding sources
  • indicate the source of $20,000 in matching funds

The SART program and similar efforts now extend to Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. The states of Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Texas, and Virginia are developing teams.

Among the SART program's partners and sponsors are the American Veterinary Medical Foundation and PetSmart Charities.