AAFP, Fort Dodge offer kit on cat wellness

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A kit full of educational materials about cat wellness is now available to veterinary clinics.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners and Fort Dodge Animal Health created the "Healthy Cats for Life" kit as an extension of a campaign they launched in late 2005—"The Great Cat Watch, for Wellness Sake!"

The goal of the program, which draws on the AAFP Feline Behavior Guidelines, is to teach cat owners about twice-a-year veterinary visits and that specific behaviors can indicate underlying illness.

The "Healthy Cats for Life" kit includes flashcards to illustrate signs of sickness, a display for brochures in the shape of a cat carrier, a poster for the lobby or waiting area, a feline wellness checklist, "Getting Your Cat to the Clinic" brochures explaining how to handle cats when traveling, and a CD containing electronic versions of the materials.

Veterinarians can obtain a clinic kit by contacting their Fort Dodge representative or by calling Fort Dodge at (800) 477-1365 and asking for Kelly Goss.

"The Great Cat Watch" campaign also has a Web site at www.catwellness.org.