Web site on zoonotic parasites in dogs and cats debuts

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The Companion Animal Parasite Council launched a Web site, as a resource on zoonotic parasites in dogs and cats for pet owners.

The Web site provides information on 10 common internal and external parasites of dogs and cats. The site, which is divided into "Dog Owner" and "Cat Owner" sections, offers answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about pets and parasites, including how parasites affect human health. The site also lists behavioral descriptions and signs, but directs pet owners to consult a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The CAPC strives to foster animal and human health, while preserving the human-animal bond, through recommendations for the diagnosis and year-round management of parasitic infections in dogs and cats. The council works to inform veterinarians about parasite control guidelines and educate pet owners about the importance of year-round control of internal and external parasites that threaten the health of pets and people. The CAPC also provides information to veterinarians through a Web site designed specifically for them.

The CAPC is an independent organization with a membership that represents broad expertise in parasitology, internal medicine, public health, veterinary law, private practice, and association leadership. Dr. Kevin Kazacos serves as CAPC president.