AVMA supports biotechnology-derived veterinary medicinal products

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The AVMA supports the use of biotechnology in the creation of veterinary medicinal products so long as the products are proved safe and efficacious by the competent regulatory authorities.

The AVMA Executive Board approved the Position Statement on Biotechnology-Derived Veterinary Medicinal Products on the recommendation of the Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents.

Urged by the Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee and advised by the Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee, COBTA submitted the position statement as a means of ensuring the AVMA is on record as supporting the method of production. The statement reads as follows:

The AVMA is committed to the availability of medicinal products that are pure, safe, potent and efficacious for animals. The Association supports the use of biotechnology where it benefits the production of animal medicinal products.

The AVMA supports a science-based regulatory system for the approval of products developed through biotechnology. Current regulation requires USDA and FDA to approve these products for safety and efficacy before they can be marketed for animal use.

Biotechnology methods may allow the production of medicinal products that could not be developed by older technology. Biotechnology also may increase the efficacy and/or manufacturing efficiency of current products. The AVMA urges that any additional regulation of products developed through biotechnology be risk-based and science-based.