USDA building new center for poultry research

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The Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service has broken ground on a $5.2 million facility for poultry research at the Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center in Beltsville, Md.

ARS Administrator Edward B. Knipling said the new facility will allow BARC scientists to study poultry nutrition, growth regulation, and reproduction.

The 28,100-square-foot building will house chickens and turkeys for research by the Growth Biology Laboratory and the Biotechnology and Germplasm Laboratory. The two laboratories now share space in a building dating back to the 1930s, while other buildings house the poultry.

Opening in May 2006, the new facility will house turkeys in one wing and chickens in another wing. In-between will be the laboratories, a hatchery, feed rooms, and a shower and disinfection area.