AVMF offers grants to cover costs of care after hurricanes

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The American Veterinary Medical Foundation is urging veterinarians to apply for grants of up to $2,000 to cover costs incurred by hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Instructions and an application form are available on pages 1396-1398 and online at www.avmf.org/html/GrantGuide.asp. Forms are to be submitted to the applicant's state VMA, which may not be the location where the expenses were incurred. State associations will then submit the forms to the AVMF for review and consideration.

Eligible applicants are licensed veterinarians, although requests from licensed veterinary technicians and others providing medical care for animals will be considered. Applicants need not come from storm-ravaged areas, but may include those from otherwise unaffected areas who are incurring out-of-pocket expenses from providing veterinary medical treatment, care, and supplies to animal victims of the storms.

In addition, the AVMF will consider partial funding for storm-damaged structures and equipment used to provide veterinary care of animals.

Funding for the awards is provided through the AVMF Animal Disaster Relief and Response Fund, established shortly after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast (see article).

Look for information on future AVMF grants to veterinarians whose llivelihoods have been affected.