AVMA offers veterinarians vaccination resources

Published on September 01, 2005
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NOTE: As of November 2007, the AVMA discontinued use of the term "informed consent" in matters relating to veterinary medicine replacing it with the term "owner consent".
(see JAVMA News, Dec. 15)

The topic of informed consent for vaccinations is drawing increased interest in veterinary medicine. Legislation proposing that certain vaccine disclosure information be provided to clients before vaccinating their pets was introduced and defeated in Maine and Nevada in 2005. Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Wisconsin may be targeted for similar bills in 2006. Meanwhile, a Chicago law firm is recruiting pet owners for a possible class action lawsuit alleging misrepresentation of the need for pet vaccinations.

To help veterinarians customize vaccine recommendations to meet each patient's specific needs, the AVMA has assembled its resources, those of allied veterinary organizations, and links to recently published scientific studies of commercially available vaccines. These resources are located at https://www.avma.org/KB/Resources/FAQs/Pages/Vaccination-FAQs.aspx. Links to frequently asked questions about vaccinations and the AVMA principles of vaccination are available on the public part of the Web site, along with "What You Should Know About Vaccination," a client education brochure to help veterinarians discuss vaccination intervals and core versus noncore vaccines.

An AVMA member number and password are required to access the Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents' report on cat and dog vaccines. The Member Center provides links to additional medical information, including published scientific studies.