Mahr wins bid for AVMA president-elect

Published on August 15, 2005
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Dr. Roger K. MahrThe AVMA House of Delegates has elected Dr. Roger K. Mahr of Geneva, Ill., as the Association's president-elect for 2005-2006.

Dr. Mahr's election came as his six-year term as District VI representative on the AVMA Executive Board, which he chaired this past year, was coming to an end.

Delegates elected Dr. Mahr, the sole candidate for the office, by unanimous consent July 16 while meeting in Minneapolis. Dr. Mahr pledged to spend his term focusing on the improvement of animal and human health.

In a recent interview with JAVMA News, Dr. Mahr identified the shortage of food supply veterinarians and the low numbers of veterinarians in public practice as areas of concern (see JAVMA, April 15, 2005).

"When we look at food supply veterinary medicine or public health, we see the need for practicing veterinarians, but there's also a critical shortage in areas of food safety and food security, biomedical research, academia, regulatory medicine, and emergency health preparedness," Dr. Mahr said. "Tying in veterinary work force needs with veterinary education is one area that I will focus on."

Illinois delegate Dr. George E. Richards Jr. nominated Dr. Mahr for the office of president-elect on behalf of his state veterinary medical association. "Dr. Mahr is uniquely qualified to serve as president-elect," Dr. Richards said. "He studies (issues) in depth, listens to all sides, and deliberates. He's accessible, analytical, fair, and enthusiastic."

American Animal Hospital Association delegate Dr. Merry C. Crimi seconded Dr. Mahr's nomination.

After receiving his DVM degree in 1971 from Iowa State University, Dr. Mahr owned and operated a small animal practice for 31 years. He recently sold his practice, however, so as to better focus on his responsibilities as AVMA president-elect.

Dr. Mahr became an advocate of organized veterinary medicine early in his career. He served as president of the Illinois State and Chicago VMAs and has chaired the Illinois Veterinary Licensing and Disciplinary Board. Dr. Mahr also served a three-year term on the board of directors of the American Veterinary Medical Foundation.