HOD disapproves resolution on leadership conference site

Published on August 15, 2005
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Resolution 2 called for the AVMA to hold its annual Veterinary Leadership Conference and House of Delegates Informational Assembly in the Schaumburg, Ill., area beginning in January 2007. The Nebraska and North Dakota VMAs submitted the resolution with the idea that holding the conference in that area would enable participants to tour AVMA headquarters, as they once did.

Delegates disapproved the resolution. Dr. Michael L. Whitehair, Abilene, Kan., chair of the Veterinary Leadership Planning Committee, believes the HOD defeated the measure not because it opposed holding the event in Schaumburg but because it would have locked in Schaumburg as the only possibility.

Typically, the planning committee determines the coming year's venue, subject to Executive Board approval because of the funding involved. In recent years, the conference/assembly has been held at the Hotel Intercontinental in Chicago in January.

The 2006 meeting is set for the Intercontinental, but Dr. Whitehair said the event is outgrowing that facility. It is undecided whether the 2007 conference will be held in the Intercontinental or Schaumburg. The planning committee will meet in coming weeks via conference to make a recommendation. "The real importance is to have a facility that facilitates interaction," Dr. Whitehair said. He also sees considerable support among delegates for showcasing AVMA headquarters in conjunction with the event. One venue under development in Schaumburg is within walking distance of the AVMA building. The Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center is due to open in summer 2006.