Four insulin products discontinued

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Eli Lilly and Company discontinued production of Iletin II Pork Insulin (Regular and NPH formulations), and Humulin U Ultralente and Humulin L Lente (Humulin U and Humulin L) insulin products. Given current inventories and patient demand, the Indianapolis-based company anticipates the four products should be available in pharmacies through 2005. Package information included with insulin shipped to pharmacies after August 2005 will notify clients of the discontinuation.

Innovation in insulin treatment has resulted in a substantial and steady decline in use of the products Lilly discontinued, said Scott Jacober, DO, Lilly's medical adviser in human diabetes care.

Veterinarians are reminded that insulin intended for use in diabetic cats is commercially available in the United States, as is a Food and Drug Administration-approved insulin for dogs.

Lilly plans to provide more detailed information about the product discontinuations. For more information, call (800) 545-5979.