New membership classification system approved

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A new framework for classifying professional activity of AVMA members has been approved by the Executive Board and is scheduled to be implemented in January 2006.

Relatedly, the board authorized spending $58,000 in 2005-2006 to inform AVMA members about the revised framework. This fall, $38,000 from reserves will go toward a direct-mail campaign to all members. Then in 2006, $20,000 will be used to mail postcards to members directing them to log on to the AVMA Web site and update their profile.

After a review of the current professional classification framework used in membership records, a team of AVMA staff developed a new conceptual framework of professional classifications.

Staff studied the current classifications, gathered input from various entities, analyzed membership statistics, and compiled a detailed list of uses of the information by the AVMA. This information is used in many important functions, including marketing, credentialing, economic research, and membership services.

The new framework will represent modern terminology used by the profession, be inclusive and simple to understand, be compatible with prior classifications if needed, and provide flexibility to add or modify categories as needed.

Since the framework needs to be dynamic, AVMA staff would be responsible for refining and implementing it and making revisions as needed to stay professionally relevant to the Association.