Executive Board tackles sow housing, key funding opportunities

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While enjoying the recently purchased and restored AVMA office in Washington, D.C., the Executive Board undertook its second agenda of the year on June 13-14. Dr. Roger K. Mahr, District VI, chaired the meeting.

Meeting highlights included the board's recommendations to the House of Delegates on three resolutions. The board suggested disapproval of the proposed national animal microchip standard and the resolution calling for the AVMA to suspend its promotion of the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. No recommendation was given on the resolution to move the annual Veterinary Leadership Conference, held in conjunction with the HOD Informational Assembly, from Chicago to the Schaumburg, Ill., area.

In addition, the board approved emergency funding of up to $70,000 for the Veterinary Medical Assistance Teams to maintain mission-ready status in 2005. A revised position on pregnant sow housing was also approved.

Altogether, the board authorized $24,400 from the contingency fund and $177,670 from the reserve fund for the recommendations it approved in June.