Distinguishing whether a specialty is AVMA recognized

Published on July 01, 2005
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Often, veterinarians are interested in knowing whether a particular organization is an AVMA-recognized veterinary specialty or whether someone described as being certified has completed the rigorous process required by AVMA-recognized specialty organizations.

AVMA members can readily determine whether a certifying college or board is a recognized veterinary specialty organization. For a list of RVSOs, consult the AVMA Directory and Resource Manual click on the American Board of Veterinary Specialties area of the AVMA Web site.

The ABVS, an AVMA entity and an umbrella organization, currently recognizes 20 veterinary specialty organizations. Each of these certifying entities must adhere to ABVS guidelines relating to such areas as examination procedures, admission standards, and specialty education and training.

Each RVSO must report to the ABVS annually and submit an in-depth report every five years.

For more information, see the AVMA staff question-and-answer feature in the Aug. 1, 2004 JAVMA.