Ten students chosen for Washington externship

Published on June 01, 2005
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The AVMA has selected 10 veterinary students for the 2005 AVMA Governmental Relations Division Student Externship Program. This year's selection process was especially rigorous, given the record number of applicants.

Each extern will have the opportunity to spend four weeks in Washington, D.C., learning about the legislative and regulatory process while assisting the GRD in implementing the AVMA's legislative agenda.

The 2005 externs are Bennett Arble, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Christina Hansen, University of Illinois; Susan Knowles, Virginia-Maryland Regional Veterinary College of Veterinary Medicine; Dan Kovich, University of Minnesota; Beverly Legree, Tuskegee University; Brandy Mauel, Washington State University; Hillary Noyes, Michigan State University; Nicole Spurlock, Kansas State University; Sara Thompson, Texas A&M University; and Avery Woodworth, Western University of Health Sciences.

Students chosen for the AVMA externship met a set of basic requirements. They must be members of the Student AVMA and have completed at least two years of a professional program at an AVMA-accredited school before their arrival for their externship. They must also have an interest in public policy, be motivated, demonstrate an ability to work independently on projects, and be involved in various activities.

For more information on the AVMA-GRD Student Externship Program, contact Robert Hay Jr., program and administrative coordinator, at (800) 321-1473, Ext. 3208, or rhayatavma [dot] org.