USP Web site offers free monographs

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The United States Pharmacopeia's Web site, now offers free monographs on anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drugs for use in animals. The Web site boasts 10 anti-inflammatory monographs, ranging from aspirin to tepoxalin, and 22 antimicrobial monographs, ranging from aminoglycosides to tetracyclines.

Each monograph features information on the various aspects of drug use, such as dosing, regulatory considerations, chemistry information, comprehensive pharmacologic and pharmacokinetic data, drug interactions, medical considerations and contraindications, adverse effects, overdosing, brand names, and withdrawal times. Careful attention is paid to differentiating species-specific information.

The USP Veterinary Medicine Advisory Panel, regulatory representatives, pharmaceutical manufacturers, ad hoc specialists and the public evaluate each monograph.

Based in Rockville, Md., the USP promotes public health by establishing standards that ensure the quality of medicines for human and veterinary use.