Programs to raise AVMA profile, promote veterinary careers

Published on January 01, 2005
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The AVMA Executive board approved two proposals to boost the presence of the Association through public television and greater distribution of the AVMA's video and CD-ROM set aimed at promoting careers in veterinary medicine.

The board approved AVMA participation in the National Public Broadcasting Service's six-part "Learning About ... Pets" series. The AVMA will serve as the content adviser for the series and will be recognized in the credits. The AVMA Web site will link to the series, as well.

The board also approved an additional $40,000 in funding to expand the distribution of the Association's video and CD-ROM companion "Dedicated to Service: A Career in Veterinary Medicine." The video was released in spring 2004 to promote careers in veterinary medicine to middle school and high school students. The AVMA provides the video and CD-ROM to schools at no charge. So far, 2,832 videos have been distributed, and 2,000 more have been ordered.

"I've seen this video, and it's excellent," said Dr. Henry Childers, AVMA president-elect. "Having a good video like this is essential, because the pool of good-quality veterinary school applicants is down."

"Dedicated to Service: A Career in Veterinary Medicine" replaced the 1993 video "Veterinary Medicine: Caring for the Future." Between 1993 and 2002, the year the original video was discontinued in anticipation of the new video, the original video was distributed to more than 40,000 schools and seen by an estimated 24 million students.