Position statements address pregnant workers, dentistry

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Veterinarians now have access to the new position statement called Veterinary Facility Occupational Risks for Pregnant Workers. In September, the Council on Veterinary Service reviewed the old statement in accordance with AVMA policy, which dictates position statements be reviewed every five years, and made many changes.

"It was out-of-date," said Dr. Rosemary LoGiudice, director of the AVMA Membership and Field Services Division.

The new position statement discusses areas that require special attention if risks are to be reduced, including radiologic risks. It also discusses regulatory issues involved with the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Health Insurance Portability Act, and Americans with Disabilities Act. To read the statement, click here.

The Council on Veterinary Service also reviewed the AVMA Position on Veterinary Dentistry. In light of the ongoing issue of individuals who are not veterinarians wanting to perform dental procedures on animals, the council recommended that the AVMA should reaffirm this position. Included is the statement that the practice of veterinary dentistry should be performed by veterinarians in accordance with their state veterinary practice acts.