DEA issues pain medication FAQ

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The Drug Enforcement Administration has issued a frequently asked questions document to cover the clinical and regulatory issues surrounding the prescription of pain medication. The document is called "Prescription Pain Medications: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Health Care Professionals, and Law Enforcement Personnel."

Although there are educational programs that discuss balancing the necessity of medical access to prescription pain medications and active approaches designed to stem abuse, addiction, and diversion, the DEA believed there was a need for a clear and concise educational product targeted to both health care providers and professionals in the law enforcement and regulatory communities. The FAQ was developed by a principal working group comprising experts from the fields of nursing, neurology, psychiatry, pharmacology, pharmacy, and addiction medicine.

The document addresses issues such as how individuals divert opioids to illicit users, and whether health care professionals are responsible for discontinuing opioid therapy if they suspect individuals of abusing the drug.