Vice president travel budget increased; annual stipend proposal disapproved

Published on July 01, 2004
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AVMA Vice President Thomas R. Kendall recommended a change to the Executive Board Travel Policy that would allow time for the vice president to meet informally with veterinary school deans and their administration, visit classes, and meet with executive board members of the Student AVMA chapters.

The revision to the travel policy that the Executive Board approved reads:

Depending on circumstances unique to that school visit, the vice-president is authorized to meet with the dean and/or members of the administration, visit classes currently in session, and host a light meal or dessert function for the SCAVMA executive board that is separate and distinct from the presentation meeting made to all SCAVMA members. Depending on travel time, the average visit to a veterinary school would be 2-3 days including 2 nights lodging.

Former AVMA vice presidents Joseph H. Kinnarney and Jack O. Walther support the proposal, which will increase the vice president's travel budget $3,750 annually.

An increase to the annual travel budget for the AVMA vice president was approved, but a proposed $30,000 stipend for the AVMA officer was disapproved.

Dr. Kendall, who is in his final term as vice president, made the recommendation to approve an annual stipend, effective 2004-2005. Stipends are paid to the AVMA president, president-elect, and board chair to compensate for lost income for time away from work.

If we are to continue to attract dedicated, actively practicing veterinarians to seek the office of vice president, the stipend would help ease their economic burden, Dr. Kendall explained. The board disapproved the recommendation, however.