International accreditation activities funded

Published on July 01, 2004
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The Executive Board approved spending $3,000 to send Dr. Donald Simmons, director of the AVMA Education and Research Division, to the 19th Panamerican Association of Veterinary Sciences Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Austral University, Faculty of Veterinary Science, in Valdivia, Chile. The AVMA membership will benefit from the work and activities of both visits by gaining insight into the accreditation activities in other countries and seeking additional information regarding global accreditation activities.

The president of PANVET extended the invitation in the hope that Dr. Simmons would talk about accreditation. The dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science also invited him to Austral University to present a seminar on developing an accreditation process.

The AVMA made a major commitment to PANVET by renewing its membership in 2004. Efforts are ongoing to obtain information regarding accreditation and to assist other countries or organizations in developing accreditation processes.