Call for human-animal bond papers

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The International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations invites individuals to submit abstracts for presentation during its 10th forum. The forum, called "People and Animals: A Timeless Relationship," will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, Oct. 6-9, 2004.

Abstracts can cover all disciplines and subject areas, and should describe original work in one of three categories: research, programs and applications, or critical review. Proposals must report completed work or describe established programs. Submissions must be received by March 1, 2004, and only for materials that have not been published before that date.

Abstracts will be evaluated for originality of ideas and methods, as well as concise presentation of hypotheses, methods, and results. The clarity of applications, quality of writing, and relevance to the field of human-animal interactions will also be considered. A list of topics to be covered or vague statements, such as "results will be discussed," is not sufficient.

For more information, visit or contact organizeratglasgow2004ad [dot] com.