Wellness proposals meet with approval

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Members of the Executive Board approved recommendations from the Committee on Wellness relating to guiding principles for state veterinary wellness programs, the model program for assisting chemically impaired people, and a speaker at the next Student AVMA Symposium.

The committee designed the "Guiding Principles for State Veterinary Wellness Programs" to assist state VMAs and other entities in identifying appropriate elements in the development of wellness programs that benefit the veterinary community.

The principles were written to include the entire spectrum of wellness issues, such as anger management, stress, chemical dependance, compassion fatigue, and anxiety disorders.

The board approved a separate recommendation to rescind the current Model Program to Assist Chemically Impaired Individuals. The Committee on Wellness thought the program outdated and in need of revision.

The committee plans to develop a revised model program. In the meantime, the guiding principles address the AVMA's position on the matter.

Finally, the Executive Board is providing $1,200 to sponsor a presentation at the 2004 Student AVMA Symposium on the topic of stress management. The SAVMA liaison to the Committee on Wellness has said that stress management continues to be the top wellness issue among students.