Web site offers veterinarians detailed drug information

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Veterinarians, are you considering using a new drug that has come on the market or one that you just haven't used before? If you want to educate yourself about an approved animal pharmaceutical, visit the Food and Drug Administration's Web site. You will find detailed information that summarizes the basis of the product's approval.

Through the Web site, http://www.fda.gov/default.htm, individuals can access information summaries that cover indications for use; dosages, including forms and routes; animal and human safety information; animal efficacy information; and FDA conclusions about the product. Safety and efficacy summaries may include dosage determination and confirmation trials, clinical field trials, and various safety studies. Individuals can examine any approved generic or brand name animal drug.

Summaries are sorted alphabetically by ingredient, trade name, new animal drug application number, or abbreviated new animal drug application number.