AAHA practice standards available to AVMA members

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AVMA members can now access the AAHA standards for veterinary practices.

The AAHA Standards of Accreditation cover a range of areas for small animal practice, including diagnostic imaging, dentistry, surgery, pharmacy, patient care, client services, human resources, and medical records.

More than 3,000 practices throughout the United States and Canada are accredited practice members of the AAHA.

The AAHA board of directors approved the measure in late July. By making the standards available to AVMA members, the board hopes to improve the quality of care within companion animal practices.

"The AAHA standards can be an incredibly valuable resource for every companion animal practice in the pursuit of excellence," said AAHA President Link V. Welborn. "While the AAHA accreditation process adds very significant additional value, even practices that choose not to become accredited can benefit greatly from implementing those standards that they believe can improve their practice the most."

AVMA members can view the Standards of Accreditation by visiting the AAHA Web site (www.aahanet.org) and clicking on the prompt for AVMA members. Members must then enter their first and last name, along with their AVMA member number.