Pet health insurance statement revised

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information-circle This article is more than 3 years old

The AVMA Executive Board approved revisions recommended by the Council on Veterinary Service to the pet health insurance position statement.

In the statement, "companion animal" replaces "pet," and the following statements were added to requirements for a companion animal health insurance program:

  • "The animal insurance provider should disclose to the consumer that the purchase of this insurance would be of most benefit in reducing the financial burdens resulting from medical problems requiring extensive veterinary medical care. Some insurance providers may also provide coverage for routine or wellness health care."
  • "The insurance provider has a legal obligation to provide coverage using ethical standards that are endorsed by the insurance industry."
  • "Reimburse the animal owner for fees previously paid to the veterinarian. Companion animal insurers should commit to assuring that companion animal owners are aware of how the terms and conditions of their policy will impact their coverage and reimbursement. Not only should the type and amount of monetary coverage be clearly explained to the policy holder, so should concurrent financial obligations such as co-pay, deductible, and other risk-management charges (e.g. surcharges, exclusions) that are integral components of the insurance contract."