Meet you in St. Louis in 2011

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St. Louis has won Executive Board approval as the 2011 AVMA Annual Convention site on recommendation of the Convention Management and Program Committee and House Advisory Committee.

Five Central Zone cities responded to the request for proposal for hosting the AVMA Annual Convention. The director of the AVMA Convention and Meeting Planning Division, David Little, followed up on the bids and determined each city's suitability.

Of the five, staff made thorough site inspections of St. Louis and Chicago, the two cities that meet the AVMA requirements and guidelines, to evaluate their convention facilities and hotel package. Cost factors to the Association and potential attendees were an important consideration in the decision to select St. Louis.

The St. Louis convention will be held at the America's Center. The city offers shopping, international dining, live theater, a symphony, and a diverse mix of historic sites, sports, restaurants, and cultural venues. It is also a transportation hub. Downtown St. Louis is undergoing a revitalization and restoration scheduled for completion in 2009.

The AVMA held its convention in St. Louis in 1981, 1943, 1922, and 1904.