AVMA supports 'Survivors' campaign

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The AVMA Executive Board approved sending a letter to the Foundation for Biomedical Research supporting its "Survivors" public education campaign promoting the role that biomedical research plays in advancing animal health.

The goal of "Survivors" is to promote public understanding that biomedical research involving laboratory animals plays a key role in advancing veterinary medicine and companion animal health.

Portraits of four animals that have survived feline and canine diseases are featured as part of the campaign. Pictures of the two dogs and two cats will appear on brochures, posters, veterinary appointment reminder cards, shopping mall displays, ads in animal-interest magazines, and also as public service announcements on television.

Future plans include expanding the campaign to food animals, horses, endangered species, and pocket pets.

The Council on Research recommended that the AVMA support "Survivors," which the council called "highly commendable and eagerly awaited by the veterinary medical research community."

Additional input may be needed, however, to determine whether the AVMA should formally partner with the Foundation for Biomedical Research. The council is requesting that the Council on Public Relations, Animal Welfare Committee, and Legislative Advisory Committee review the "Survivors" campaign to advise whether the AVMA should partner with the FBR on future phases of the campaign.

In the meantime, the council suggested—and the Executive Board agreed—that the AVMA send a letter to FBR commending it for development of this much-needed grassroots educational campaign.