AVMA to recognize Mexican veterinary school anniversary

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The Executive Board approved a proclamation recognizing the 150th year of the founding of the School of Veterinary Medicine, Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM), to be presented at a ceremony in August by Dr. Jack O. Walther, who will be AVMA president by then, in conjunction with the World Meeting of Leaders in Veterinary Education in Mexico City.

The UNAM was founded Aug. 17, 1853 and is the oldest veterinary school in North America. The school will celebrate its 150th anniversary in conjunction with a conference on veterinary education.

The AVMA has been engaged in strengthening relationships with international groups. One of these is the Mexican Veterinary Medical Association, which is concerned about improving education through consultation and accreditation.

Because the AVMA believes that the future lies in stronger relationships with the international community, AVMA President Joe M. Howell, with former AVMA President and current Global Accreditation Surveillance Monitor, Dr. James E. Nave, recommended that the Executive Board formally recognize the School of Veterinary Medicine's anniversary.

In March, AVMA representatives met with Mexican and Canadian veterinary leaders in Merida, Mexico. It was the third in a series of annual meetings between the AVMA and Mexican leaders and the first attended by a Canadian representative.

The group toured the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Yucatan, to view the facilities and learn about its teaching and research programs. Following the tour, presentations on matters ranging from the economics of U.S. veterinary medicine to the accreditation process of Mexican veterinary schools were made.