Storybooks, radio show, seminars to help get the AVMA message out

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In an effort to boost the image of the veterinary profession, the Executive Board approved several new outreach programs.

The AVMA will partner with the nationally syndicated, one-minute radio program "Animal Instincts" to provide companion animal health care tips to the public. The AVMA will provide content and experts for the program, and in exchange, will be recognized during the program. For more information about the program, visit the "Animal Instincts" Web site at

In another effort to educate the public about pet care and the role of veterinarians, the AVMA will collaborate with the children's book publisher Soundprints to develop a pet storybook series that promotes responsible, healthy relationships between children and their pets. The AVMA will help develop the content and will receive a royalty from the sale of the books and matching plush animals.

To help veterinarians enhance their practices and their relationships with clients, the AVMA will develop a practice management seminar based on the AVMA Professional Image handbook. Professional trainer Debbie Snellen will lead the seminar at veterinary meetings.